More demon hunter nerfs(it is necessary to have more nerfs for the class to become unplayable again as it was.)

  • Demon Hunter
    • Sigil of Flame damage reduced by 10%.

    • Havoc

      • Collective Anguish (talent) damage from summoned Fel Devastation reduced by 10%.

      • Ragefire (talent) damage stored from Immolation Aura critical strikes reduced to 30% (was 35%).

      • A Fire Inside (talent) chance to reset Immolation Aura reduced to 25% (was 30%).

We aren’t allowed to be good in ST… this is the havoc conundrum. You can’t buff them without make AoE to strong because everything does AoE. The dev is only buffing rogue or not touching it and nerfing havoc every week. Clearly Realz hates DH and doesn’t want to put any effort into fixing it.


RIP ST Damage once again.

2 Rounds of AoE nerfs Directly affect our ST damage as well.

But lets call it a “Balance” patch.


RIP Havoc DH…

Those consecutive nerfs do not make sense at all.

Blizzard hates DH…


I see all this RIP DH stuff… but how much of a total ST nerf is this actually?

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Well think about it this way. The 12% nerfs earlier to their big hitters resulted in a 4% (top end) overall damage nerf.

The 2 changes to CA and Ragefire will also be minimal.

1% st nerf and 4% aoe nerf idk what is the point of op’s thread. hes being salty

While Assassination gets a 3% all around nerf. Only rogue spec touched. They will still be very good with the other two rogue specs in raid, just chilling at the top. Same dev.

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you know sin is stil la outlier right? all three rogue specs are still top in raid

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Sigil of flame nerf kind of stinks for Veng. That’s a pretty good one for our overall in mythic+. At least they didn’t mess with the 4-piece. I wish they would buff our ST somehow though. Our ST on bosses is pretty bad.

Don’t worry more nerf will come till DH are last in dps again


Maybe you should be asking Blizz to buff Ret Paly which are useless in raid and not be happy for DH s nerfs ?

Maybe you should stop bashing DH s. They were in the dumpster last tier and as soon as they take their head out of the water in this season 3, Blizz slaps them with two nerfs in a row.

In M+, they even buffed Fire Mages which are ahead of DH s…

The last nerf to DH was unwarranted.


In what universe are fire mages ahead of DH’s?
In every single key I do 25-26 range I dumpster the fire mage in dps.

Any other question ?

With the nerf to DH and the buff to fire mages, it will be a lot more evident in the weeks ahead.

To every single person that says “It’s a 1% ST nerf and 4% AoE nerf”, it’s barely impactful.

You’re correct. However, this is the 2nd round of nerfs. So far we’ve gotten a 8%~ AoE nerf and a 2% ST nerf. Needless to say we didn’t need a single ST nerf to begin with.

Shall I remind everyone what happened in S1 of Dragonflight? Exactly the same.

Little nerf, and little nerf after that, and another little nerf after that one. Meanwhile everyone else got buffed.

What happened in the end? Aberrus happened.

Nobody that plays the spec should be happy it is getting nerfed. Specially when other specs that are doing similar throughput (Demo Warlock, BM Hunter, Outlaw) didn’t get nerfed at all.


Thank you, this is what I was looking for… I figured it was sky was falling type thing… DH still pumps.

Only 2 DPS spots as you start to creep up into the 24-26 range and if Havoc falls behind other classes, they won’t get picked up. Very little mythic+ utility and veng is going to be top 2 tanks the remainder of the season.

Meta might still end up being prot pally Aug fire mage, havoc and demonology.

Good thing Vengeance is also meta :slight_smile:

I dont think 1% and 4% will change much… usually see Havoc 10% or more above others in keys.

Demo, ret, and outlaw, and BM are right there. I’ve rarely seen a good mage though. Gotta assume the 3k plus mages are amazing but sub 3k they have all been mediocre. This nerf might hurt them a bit.

being more “right there” actually sounds balanced.

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