More character slots

This is just a QoL improvement. They broke the no-changes seal anyway so it would be super nice to get a longer character list on my main server too.

They’ve always given players one extra slot when they introduce a new class. I see no reason why they’d deviate from that for Wrath Classic.

Well, I want more than one. How about a bunch more!?

I like making alts and I would love to have them on one server. That’s how retail is now so it would be nice to get that behavior in classic imo.

You dont know blizzard very well. People were mad first time around they had to delete a character for a dk.

I would totally love to fill a 50 character roster with transmute spec’d alchemists.

They gave us an extra slot when Wrath launched.

She was cool until she turned on you.

That’s false. They allow 50 characters per server on retail now. I believe that change was live in Legion or Battle for Azeroth.

That’s really all I want to see happen :slight_smile:

Just delete some of the characters you’re holding names on.

That’s not really a thing with me. Right now we only have about 10 slots and we have 9 classes. I roll two hunters for reasons. I can’t roll both horde and alliance on the same server. I also can’t do duplicate classes for different races… on the same server.

Having a limit of characters per server is sooooo 2004.

Welcome to classic wow lol

for only $14.99 per month you can unlock 10 extra character slots

If the character limit is so 2004, then having stacks of trade mats cluttering up your inventory is DEFINITELY c1976 DnD.

Seems like you dont since they added new character slots with most of the new hero classes and races .

They’re removing server caps and leaving it at 50 per account cap.

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I think something like 12 slots should be fine. It’s too easy to exploit tons of character slots.

Just think about this statement in isolation for a bit. :stuck_out_tongue: No thank you!

Blizzard disagrees.

Allowing 50 characters per realm doesn’t mean that Blizzard thinks it can’t be exploited. It just means they don’t think it’s big enough of an issue.

Well that’s a lovely surprise!

Yay! My alts are going to be happy campers now :smile:

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