Mooseheads [H] 13/14 Ulduar Recruiting 2 Warlocks + 1 Ret Pally


If you guys want to a place to enjoy content as it comes out and learn the fights with all of us. This is a good place.

o7 for the lads

Top guild with some top boys.

o7 Mooseheads, winning world pvp since 2020

if u want a guild and not just a static, this is the one

I first joined Mooseheads as a pug and i was instantly impressed by how smooth everything was managed. As it was my first time doing MC, everything was clearly explained and the strats were easy to follow which made it easy for a beginner like me. They kindly offered me a raid position and have been with guild ever since. Every week you can clearly see an improvement and now we have all content on farm.

I highly suggest giving Decep a whisper if you’re interested in a fun and easygoing guild that still downs bosses no drama

Rumor has it Deception 1 deag’d his way to global elite - join the guild

Solid group of lads and ladies, good fun and always someone round to help out.

Get round us and join in the fun!

bump: Currently 1 shotting all content and looking to polish off the last position of 1x resto shaman for a core raid spot :slight_smile: come join our fun!

Yukiest beer ever! I have not seen it being sold in NZ for the last 19 years though.

ps. any of you guys were part of the moose cannons back in the AQ2 days?

Bump - looking for 1x resto shaman and 1x mage for a core raid spot.

Contact Deception, Riverside, Sonoku or myself.

Sounds like a great guild, i’m still not 60 as i leveled a warrior to 53 before coming back to this Shaman but I’d be happy to be Resto for you if you still need/want one.

Hey Zonks,

Sounds good - message me in game.


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Bump - looking for 1x resto shaman for a core position.

Bump - looking for 1x warlock - not fussed on gear/experience, just after a good person with a good attitude.

Bump - looking for 1 x holy priest - not fussed on gear/experience - we have such a solid core roster of good people and this is a rare opportunity to join a real team - recent link to one of our gestures we did for our guildy - Join a Guild that looks after each other

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Make sure to use the code “blackrat” at the bar for a free double black

Mooseheads is very unique. We’re a mix of casual, semi hardcore, hardcore and pvp players. We are a mature guild that’s all about not stuffing around when it comes to slaying dragons. We have a good time raiding and promote positivity and good vibes within our guild and on the server. As a guild we have a very active discord. It is not uncommon to see 10-20 of us in one discord channel throughout the day hanging out having a good time. We have banter and memes and if you make a mistake in the raid, we laugh about it and its no big deal.

As a guild we give away unwanted loot from our raids to strangers or players from other guilds who have missed out on raids due to irl commitments when we have spots open. Collectively members in our guild pool together to gift items as described in deceptions link/post, also paying for subscriptions for our less fortunate members. We also understand that throughout life people face personal issues and hardships and we offer an extremely supportive community were its not uncommon for many of our members to listen to you and offer assistance (personally, I am mental health first aider).

Friday night is also MOVIE NIGHT. We hang out in discord, choose some movies and use a streaming app (free) for synchronised viewing.

GM strik3r#6132
Officer Calfzilla69#1660

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Bump - still looking for 1 x holy priest, and would even consider a resto shaman.

I’ll stress that I do not mind if you are a fresh 60 with no experience & no gear, happy to teach you the raids, gear you up and get you settled in a team you won’t want to leave.

Cheers :slight_smile: