Moonkin fav

What is your fav Moonkin skin just wondering what most folks think?

Can you elaborate? You mean favorite race? Because what I play and my favorite visual race are very different.

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which races moonkin form do You like the best

Personally, the KT. The wicker forms are just outstanding. I wish I could use them. If I could have KT forms but the caster form of a NE… but on horde I’d be haaaaappy.

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All of them except Ztrolls are awful imo

I really like either Bald Eaglekin from the high mountain or the Zandalari Dino bird. If I could have my way I would be Darkspear troll but I would never use their moonkin form its the worst one to me as it makes no sense to look exactly like the night elf ones

Zandalari Troll. Only reason I made one. I think all of the others look awful. I don’t like star form either.

It’s the OG night elf dark moonkin for me. I’m a lean, less adorable zandalari bird-person this time around, which is cool too…but the antlered big boi is my favorite.

Classic Tauren one for me.

Zand troll ugly looking bird form is my favourite, then fat night elf boomie. Taurens one is just too big and you get stuck under doors etc.

I like my Troll Boomy