Moonguard-Horde for roleplay/content

Both have their positives, WRA does great in smaller campaigns, and MG does better in forming overarching campaigns. The reverse has also happened, but you should spend a day on each side giving it a try. See what vibes you pick up! Theres certainly a place that will be of your interest!

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MG Horde does have a community of RP that is growing, guilds growing and the like with dynamics that lend to a cohesive narrative and story that is entirely opt-in for the most part.

As Persefani said, we’re more story-driven and guild-led in the wake of all things that happened in SL and this year. And as she also said, it really depends on what you’re looking for in terms of content.

But we’re clearly here, brainstorming things and helping new folks to get used to the server.


Hey, hey, Talyonungol!

Live the Gob life, build yourself a Goblin (only genuine Gob-tech parts allowed), and join the boomtastic greatness of Flashbang Exports. The only all-Goblin guild in existence (probably, according to our own personal, totally biased data).

But if we ain’tcha speed, then there’s tons of other great guilds roaming the Horde-side. And you can bet your long, elven ears you can find a bit of tavern RP going on at the Wyvern’s Tail in Orgrimmar during most evenings, maybe even other times.

Regardless of your choice, the Horde’s doing well on the RP scale these days. Take a peek. Stay awhile. And if the Gob life’s for you, stop by Flashbang’s corporate offices and speak to a friendly, recruitment consultant today! And when you do, tell em your ole pal, Eddy P sentcha. I’ll be glad’ja did.


You guys are really hyping up MG-horde, which is surprising. I might… have to give it a shot.


I’ve tried WRA Horde. I didn’t find it to be a very welcoming community, at least not for the likes of me. I’ve also tried Moon Guard Alliance and had similar issues as to WRA Horde. Simply put- I think (at least for me) they’re just too big.

MG Horde is a small community of players, yes, but you get to know people. Some are very welcome of walkup RP. Others are more observers in that regard. We have several active guilds that are close knit communities of their own, in all shades from die-hard Horde to various types of neutral organizations, like the Argent Advance, which is what I’m in, which takes all races and many different classes, but our primary base is in Orgrimmar and we recruit mainly from there.

I have been apart of Moon Guard Horde for about a year now, and I haven’t looked back. This character here has become my main and I’ve enjoyed it very much.


Would you say the playerbase on MG-H is much smaller than WRA-H?

Here are some good and bad.


  1. Most of the guilds work together to an extent but all still have there own stories.
  2. Both horde and alliance does big events for both side every few months. So still have story that deals with issues of the two factions. Also both does their own side campaign but tries to work everyone that wants to be a part of into it.
  3. We tend to be all over the world of azeroth. The undercity nexus tends to be more in lordearon.
  4. Most of the major horde guilds all get a long which makes it nice.


  1. Horde side doesn’t have much walk up roleplay like mg-a or wra-h. Most roleplay is with guilds or server events. Which can also be good depending on how you look at it.
  2. There are voices that says one thing or another on both sides that can cause issues but just relax and let them bluster all they want.
  3. Mg-H is small there is not saying it isn’t but we are not dead. Which kinda works in our favor.

Now these are just my view on the horde and alliance roleplay on moonguard. Both sides in the end are good it just depends on what you are looking for.


Honestly, the best place for random walk up RP on any faction or server is Alliance on Moon Guard. For random city walk up rp, no other server or faction compared.

Largely that is due to how well designed Stormwind is. The in-game location is great for rp. MG Alliance is the place to go for walk up rp.


Honestly, the best place for random walk up RP on any faction or server is Alliance on Moon Guard. For random city walk up rp, no other server or faction compared.

Largely that is due to how well designed Stormwind is. The in-game location is great for rp. MG Alliance is the place to go for walk up rp.

This is pure truth.

If only Orgrimmar was well designed to facilitate RP :sob:

We dont even have chairs…


Why do Forsaken need chairs when their player model is already hunched over like they are sitting? :rofl: :joy:

Maybe if they were able to stand tall? :thinking:

Heard there is a thread suggesting fixing that. :smirk:


Everyone is hyping up MG Horde because we’re on a MG forum, and because people are skittish about the public impression of it. Folks here are tight-knit, and that typically means backing each other up in these kinds of topics, which are often advertised expressly to bring in like-minded voices. You’ll probably get the same results on a WRA forum.

Give it a shot in either community, see what suits you and your enjoyment. However, since population seems to be your topic of interest…

Yes, and less regularly active. It’s not dead, technically, but more sleeping in until something piques people’s interest. I find the RP to be rather sporadic than consistent; rather than every day having a crowd, every now and then you have days with no one, and days with basically everyone. Sometimes you have a few more days of one over the other, leading to a burst of activity and interest or a prolonged drought.

It is a smaller playerbase, objectively, and a bit less regular or consistent than WRA-H. If you’re looking for huge swaths of people on the regular, WRA-H is better. If you’re looking for a smaller population that tends towards quiet, MG-H can suit that well.

I personally have had so many RP interactions with Horde players on MG, and this is without having a Horde Character! Though I now have a Horde Proxy for my Ditzy Dreanei thanks to a magical disguisey orb thingy!.. keep a look out for a barefoot “Blood Elf” with a thick Draenei accent… teehee… BUT, in one instance of running around Org when her “disguised dropped” a random Walk-up RPer stepped in front of her, shielding her from a wandering NPC guard, then gave her a short lecture and told her to be more careful!.. I LOVED IT!

So yeah… the RP is there! And the Conquest stuff and the Undead RP Scene is top notch!!


Disagree with this. I’m on WRA, don’t have much interaction with the MG-H community beyond some walk-up I’ve had and some of the events I’ve been to. MG-H really does have the better community. WRA-H has the numbers, but quantity=/=quality.

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I don’t believe I said anything about either community being definitively better than the other. I was answering the OP’s question as they had asked it, based on my experience of playing Horde characters on MG-H since Mists of Pandaria.

I do not have experience with WRA-H beyond exactly what you say, numbers. As it just so happens, the OP was asking about server population, not our personal assessments of quality. I too disagree with this, but since I have minimal personal experience with WRA, I’ll simply have to take your word for it.

Thank you to everyone who responded. It’s always nice to get healthy responses.


Did someone ask about Moonguard Horde and wants to know about it?

We are active, we have many guilds, and plenty of Large scale community events. What else is there to know? A monthly guild drive, a monthly brawl, and a constant wave of new people!

Centralized community discord for all your connections with everyone on the server too. We are welcoming of new members to the Horde and we have cookies!

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Okay I’m gonna point out upfront this is a joke. Please laugh.

Auhgag: WRA in body and MG in mind.
When are you gonna get in here? :face_with_monocle:

I (personal opinion, of course!) agree with you. I’ve played both servers since opening day for MG and Wrath for WrA I believe. MG has waxed and waned. As always there are personality conflicts. Those that want MG to thrive have had to step up when others have moved on for multiple reasons - some healthy and some not so. Interestingly enough, WrA has had the same issues with some of the same people that left MG or have flipped back and forth.

Right now in sheer numbers it appears that WrA has many more bodies. There’s great things going on (but some pretty sketchy) and walk up does tend to be a bit easier. But MG is fortunate to have some extremely awesome, hardworking folks that have put all they have into creating events and spaces where all are welcome. Many of those players have already posted here. I commend them all as they are instrumental in pulling a lot of us (okay - me) out of our inertia and into role play opportunities. Numbers are smaller but there are things happening. Also if you want to explore creating/hosting your own events, you will be loved and helped generously on MG where it can be daunting to try to break into a larger group.

As always your mileage may vary. As has already been suggested, make characters and check both out. Even better, if you do discord please consider swinging by the Coalition of the Horde server to ask questions and talk with some of the great people here.
Good luck to you Talyonungol.


I am guilty of moving most of my Horde to WrA. But I would agree that Horde RP can still be found on MG. If you’re wanting a smaller but more chill / close vibe, MG is a great server for horde. You typically have to get into an active rp guild. MG has several pretty decent ones that even still host events.

But if you’re wanting more casual encounters without having to worry about being in a good guild. Go WrA.

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