Moonfire of Feral is not working in Torghast

If a feral use Lunar Inspiration talent, they can use Moonfire (spell ID:155625).
The torghast has a anima Orbit Breaker
(Every 20th Moonfire tick calls down a Full Moon upon its target.) for druid
but when a feral uses it, a Fullmoon doesn’t fall on any targets

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that’s not cool…at all…everyone deserves the satisfaction of seeing a full moon smash your target…

anyway - make sure you post this in the bug forums, because that’s where the bug people are :upside_down_face:

Lunar Inspiration seems to have a bug where the spell ID differs from actual Moonfire.

Because I’ve gotten that anima power and it worked just fine if you drop kitty form and fire off Moonfire.

I can confirm that it does work in Guardian. Is that a different spell ID?

Moonfire of Guardian is work well.
This problem is only for Feral

Wasn’t there a legendary that is also bugged for Feral Moonfire? Draught I think?

Might explain the issue for that as well that the spell IDs are different.

This has been reported many many times ever since beta. At this point I think we can say Blizzard’s stance on it is “don’t care won’t fix”.