Moonfire Just Feels Wrong For Guardians

Am I the only who feels like moonfire being part of the guardians rotation seems weird? Much less that’s it’s basically the most important ability we have right now. Just seems to me from a class fantasy point of view that moonfire shouldn’t even be a part of a guardians arsenal?

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It’s been in there so long I doubt most of us really think about it as feeling out of place nowadays.
I do like there is options to lean into moonfire for damage and healing while also having the option to NOT lean into it.


The moonfire build is nearly required because it does a ton of damage, generates a ton of rage, gives us access to a great 1 minute cooldown, and provides a static 10% damage reduction.

I would prefer a thrash/maul/mangle centered type of build, but its nowhere near the same in terms of power and functionality.

You always take Incarn center path, which means you have to go right for the moonfire build.

If they buffed Ursocs Fury back to 75% absorb, then we would be having a different conversation. Testing aside, it would provide a distinctly different style of play, heavily melee focused on big shields and absorbs.

I would actually prefer it to buff stamina/health pools versus shielding/absorbing. Make bear the huge health pool sponge it was before and make that the niche for them. Sprinkle in the offhealing part via nature spells and you have a functional, fun, thematic tank.

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I actually really like it. Although it’ll be much nicer when I have enough talents for twin moons.

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Welll with gg we dont even actually press moonfire during pull. Gg procs itself and uses its own proc aswell, soo for the most part it isnt even a part of the rotation.

I do wish there were some actual alternatives to the build though. Moonfire just does so much that we have too take multiple talents for it for every build.

I don’t think it’s wrong, I think it’s within fantasy, we are not simply a bear, we are a bear with astral powers, but I think it would be more interesting to have magic claws, something like “arcane claws” with a blue light effect on the claws.

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I actually like moonfire in the rotation tbh. The claw skills look meh and we are druids first. :cloud_with_rain:

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Works for me

I like @Rathbite shield to bonus hp suggestions, but feel mastery needs to be significantly better if that’s the direction. E.g., mastery increases HP by 12% and healing received by 4%. Where the hp coefficient outscales the healing received one, so it can be out of hand on one side without actually being out of hand…

Right now stacking mastery is a less than 2% differential. Maybe the AP coefficients would matter then though…

The first time I used it I was like, “wow, that’s kinda dumb, a bear throwing out moonfires lol”

but now I’ve gotten used to it. I enjoy being lazer bear.

It’s a bit weird, but I’m kind of loving it. I normally run Balance, but I needed a change so went back to Guardian after a long break. I’m loving the large pulls, big AOE damage, and survivability. I’m running a Galactic Guardian with some of its associated talents and its like a freaking laser light show when the procs start firing up.

I don’t use it, I am using maul rotation instead. I like it more. With the set bonuses, I think it’ll get even better.

I love the scintillating moonlight, galactic guardian, and twin moons. But after the wildfire is fantastic. I rarely if ever need to use frenzied regeneration. I didn’t realize how tired I was of pressing that button all the time until I no longer needed to do it much.

Oh i for sure knew about how much i was getting tired of it. Only way to even slightly aurvive was to regen the second it was up every time.
Bear felt soo bad at the end of sl with the horrible 3min playstyle. Soo glad that garbage venthyr junk is gone for a significantly better playstyle.