Monument Maintenance objects can fall through world/out of line of sight

While trying to carry the missing statue head for this world quest in Nal ks’kol, I used Heroic Leap to jump down to the main area from the ledge since I did not know using abilities would cause me to drop the head. The head has fallen on a hillside and now throws a “target not in line of sight” error whenever I try to click.


Same thing happened to me. I didn’t use any abilities but when I jumped down it got stuck in a crevasse. Even though I can walk up and click it, it gives me the same error.

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Yep same thing happened to me. Picked up the head and it fell through the ground when I jumped down. They should just make it so damage doesn’t cause you to drop the item.

Bump for persistent issue. Not sure if it’s this bug specifically, but the event “Monument Maintenance” has been hard-stuck all weekend on our server Dalaran-NA (5/26-5/30) with no clear way to progress it.

The items to repair the monument either aren’t spawning, or someone actually “dropped” the item through the ground.

HELLO this is STILL happening… can’t do the quest now wtf

Maybe that’s what happened to the arm and weapon that I NEVER FOUND. Even with an excellent screenshot and no one else around. And cannot abandon to retake either; that’s not an option.