Monk set look

It’s kind of a no brainer. The
Rest of these are just … that hat on season 2 and that everything on season 3. Attrocious.

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Or better yet, give the feet the same glow the hands get :fire: :fire:


I just voted season 1 because I am getting the season 3 already and I have the entire LFR look of season 2 and most of the conquest and normal look, but i don’t have a single piece of season 1 set.

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I’d be ok with that too

Honestly all the tier sets a pretty trash looking and if I saw them in any other game I would not think of a martial arts fighter.

Tier one I would assume is some kind of elemental mage spec’d into earth and dirt.

Tier two I would assume is a some kind of samurai plate armour wearing warrior that needs a 2h katana. Or he is trying to kill some ninja turtles.

Tier three I would assume is a priest from some kind of animal worshipping class. And honestly out of all the Wild Gods you chose Chi-ji who not even all MW follow… So less than .5 out of all our specs even follow the god this armour represents… such a weird choice.

Go look at wow monks source material… aka Street fighter and pull some ryu/ken ideas out. Make a set like that.


anyone voting for anything other than season 1 , doesn’t currently play the game imo, as you can still obtain all the mogs from this current season easily its a no brainer

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Season 1 set is a bit of a dumpster fire, honestly.


Ya’ll talking bout on season 1 but season 2 and 3 are hideous to me.

1 is a godsend compared.


Season 1 winning shows that glowing balls are necessary for any monk tier set.

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It’s the Akuma effect.

so does the S1 set still only have yellow gloves for all color schemes? they ruined my all white tmog set :confused: hope they fix it if it gets voted in

Probably because season 1 shoulders are cooler looking. A lot of people vote based on cool helms and shoulders and season 2 shoulders pale in comparison to season 1s glowy effect.

You wanna be sushi knight? O.O

Did they recently break s1 mythic appearence? It was bugged back in s1 but they fixed that, use it on my ww and just last week it was fine

Are you relying on just the normal version? the S1 mythic set is literally shredder from teenage mutant NINJA turtles. S2 was sushi knight, and for s3, not every monk takes yulon either xD

Have they said yet if there will be any recolors, or even if the elite set will be available? I wish I could get the elite version of season 2. :frowning:

How did S3 lose so badly? Am I the only one who likes the heron?

Maybe because we can get it now?

Not that i personally like it much, it isn’t bad, but is not amazing either.


Why vote for set people can currently get vs one they may have missed earlier in the expansion? Plus, it’s not bad but it’s definitely not something I would want 2 seasons in a row.

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I don’t really care for any of them, but damn season 2 is by far the ugliest set and I’m just happy that it’s not winning.

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