Monk LF M Nyalotha and beyond

Returning player looking for mythic raiding,

i was tanking mythic in antorus and 2k IO in legion.

Duelist MW in BFA, also 1750 IO this season.

Can play any spec for a good fit guild, even offspecs or w/e

83 neck, all necessary essences rank 3, 450 ish ilvl, spamming m+ tanking, will catch up fast!

Available : between 6 and 10:30 EST

Can Faction change / server transfer for an active guild

Hey, Drunkensix!

Cinder and Ash - Mal’ganis Horde raids Friday / Saturday 7-10 central. We’re 3/12M. Were looking for Exceptional DPS

We’re active and friendly and love to make new friends. Let me know if you have any questions or are interested.

Astaril#9694 - Discord
Astaril#1496 - Bnet

Hey hey!
We are 12/12H and just about to get our first pulls in Mythic this upcoming week!
We are currently recruiting players who enjoy M+ / PVP and are looking to get CE in Nyalotha with the idea of pushing hard in Shadowlands. We raid Tues / Thurs 830-1130 EST ( i realize youd said that 1030 was your cutoff though)
Feel free to add me Burnsey#1181 if this interests you at all. GL in your guild search