Monk Healer LF Late night raid team!

  • It is important to know and read my full post I cant raid earlier than 11pm Central time *

Hello one and all I am a very weathered and experienced monk healer, and I am in need of a new home and raiding team for Shadowlands! I am a very dependable and skilled player as I am a wow vet. I am looking for a more later night raiding guild as I am central time and get home from work most nights around 11pm. I am very excited for the xpac and want to get rooted in a solid team and home, I have been playing wow from the very start, I do it all from mythic dungeons to mythic raiding and everything in between I have had my AOTC for killing Nazoth far ahead most dating back in Feb. It should be noted I am only a healer I am not fond of monk dps, the raid days dont mater so much as the times would be the issue I will attach my Armory and Bnet so we can chat more directly however Armory is a tad busted with the pre patch being out, I look forward to talking to you all! :slight_smile:

Bnet - Scarecrow#1600 !!!

Armory -ýpso

Times match for you friend.