Monk Gear now no-longer properly healing

And with a nerf comes a complete lack of what spells are supposed to be boosted with the set. You nerfed 2 set and 4 set both with what would of been understandable nerfs if they had only removed the heal increase from trinkets but no we now have gear that only gets slightly more healing out of a “Couple” other monk healing spells.

Logs show that not only does any of the teaching of the monastery crit heals not increase or compound the extra healing but also the initial heal put onto the person does not stack onto the healing either. So if i use renewing mist to start the hot boost on them that hot will not add to the boost.

Also only direct healing ads to the boost instead of revival or other aoe heals or even some heals spread to them from others.

Its almost as if decent healing was frowned upon and the dev team doesn’t listen to the players.

Get your hands out the cookie jar and have 1 slight nerf but buffs happen instead.
The player base doesn’t approve of lowering 1 class instead of a simple small boost to others to bring them inline with where they should be.