Monitor Question

I have a brand new monitor and PC, I mean it’s brand spanking new. All drivers are updated…etc. etc.

Now, to my question or concern… my monitor, when I turn it on it shows the desktop and then for a split second it goes black and back to the desktop. It does this twice. And then everything is fine, the monitor runs beautifully and once it’s on it’s on, it doesn’t shutdown or give any more black screens. Its just when I press that power button that it immediately shows the desktop and then like I said for a split second it goes black and then back to the desktop. Twice.

Why would this be? Any cause for concern?

Can sometimes be a DisplayPort cable issue, try a different cable and see if that fixes it

I doubt it’s anything to worry about. Contrary to expecatations, display handling on most operating systems is a janky, duct-taped-together mess and so weirdness like the screen flashing a couple of times when you first turn the monitor on are more or less par for the course. Between the infinite variations in the combinations of motherboard, EFI/BIOS version, GPU, operating system, driver version, cable, and monitor, there’s gonna be some that work but act a little wonky from time to time.

A lot of this can be sidestepped by not turning your monitor off, but instead configuring your computer to blank out (or preferably, full sleep) after a few minutes of idle time. Most monitors made in the past decade (or longer, probably) will go into a low-power rest state when your computer is asleep, so when you go to use your computer the monitor will be able to skip the quirky parts of its power on cycle and thus avoid the monitor flashing.

I had a similar problem, sometimes it would only show the mouse cursor. A new cable fixed this right up. If this doesn’t work for you i’d suggest you take it to a PC shop to look at the connections inside.