Monitor Advice

Hi all,

I’m being a snob at this point because I already have a nice monitor, but I can’t stop thinking about the new Samsung G7 Odyssey 32". I’m considering selling my Alienware Ultrawide 34" for it, since I can get most if not all the money I need. Reasons:

  • Double the frequency (240 hz)/lower response time (1ms)- (I have an EVGA 2080 Super OC btw)

  • Better curve (1000R)

  • Overall picture should be nicer due to the specs? (Contrast, colors, HDR… although pixel density is slightly lower on the Samsung)

  • Should still be able to split screen comfortably when working from home etc.

I’ve gotten used to the 21:9 aspect ratio… and its great on WoW. But maybe the other pro’s will outweight going back to 16:9? Anyways what do you guys think? Posting a comparison link below (broken link since it wont allow me to post links directly).