Monday Nights: Last Chance/One Night ICC25 Clear

So for the past few months I’ve been running a floating 25m PUG, ideal for geared alts, or anyone who missed their usual weekly raid. Last phase it was ToGC25, and now this phase I’m continuing on to ICC25. Obviously ICC is a much longer raid, but the goal is to get the whole thing done in 3-4 hours. I’ll take anyone who meets/agrees to the following:

  • 5.2k Gearscore minimum. Non-negotiable. No one gets carried, everyone pulls their weight.
  • Discord is a requirement. You don’t need to talk or have a microphone, but you need to be able to listen.
  • Bring pots/flasks/consumables. Feasts will be provided, but everyone should come prepared with enough flasks/pots for a 4 hour raid.
  • Know the fights BEFORE the raid, at least the basic rundown. You don’t have to have done the fights, but if you won’t take the time to watch a 60 second breakdown of a boss fight, then you’re not of any help to the raid.
  • Loot is distributed MS>OS. No reserves, no +1’s, no GDKP. Just old fashioned /random 100 rolls, with a few caveats. For example, I do keep in mind what loot is BiS (or on the list for runner up BiS) for what classes/specs, and those will get priority. A hunter will never win a 1h weapon over a rogue for example, and a rogue will never win a bow over a hunter. This does mean that one person can win more than one item. It also means that you can roll on anything that’s on your BiS list without worrying about not being eligible for something else that might drop.
  • Your main spec is the spec you’re coming in with. If you’re coming as a DPS, then that’s the specc you will be rolling for. I feel that should go without saying, but still thought I should say it.
  • Come prepared to raid for a solid 4 hours. We stop at Midnight. Until Midnight, I expect you to give it your best. Not in a stupid “FIFTY DKP MINUS!!!” way; just don’t goof off (excessively), go AFK randomly for 20 minutes or be disruptive.

I’m running this independently. This isn’t associated with any group or guild, this is just something I started running on my own after ToGC hit. There’s a handful of regulars, but it’s mostly pugs every week. I run my raid as fairly as possible, and if you’re looking for a last minute ICC25 before the reset, and you’re willing to treat the raid seriously I promise that you will have a fair shot at needed upgrades. May the /random 100 dice be ever in your favor!

Signups are on my Discord channel:

If you have any questions send them my way.

Tonight we got 8/12 down. We would have gotten further but we spent about 90 minutes on Putricide. Hopefully next week we’re able to get most of the same people and down him in less time so we can blow through Sindragosa and Blood Wing. Signups are up for next Monday at