Molten Front Rares

Have the rare’s in the molten front area from Cata been removed? I have been camping this area all week with my new hunter and I have not seen one single rare. I have been checking every few hours for more then a week.

Hi Animosity! I wanted to let you know how Molten Front rares work these days. There is a mechanic in the background of Molten Front that renders it “Inactive” if no one is within the zone for a certain amount of time. This means if you want any of the Molten Front rares, you must camp for 6-8 hours in order for the zone’s inactivity to diminish and the rares to begin entering spawn windows.

But that sounds miserable, so here’s an alternative. Google the “WoW Secrets discord” and you should find an invite link to the discord. I would post the link, but the forums will not allow it.

Though this is the WoW Secret Finder’s discord, there are channels specifically for hunting rare hunter pets. People find and offer rare pets daily, and Molten Front rares come up on occasion. You can also ask people if they’ve seen X rare at anytime, and sometimes people will go and check for you, then invite you to their server to tame it if they find it. I’ve nabbed a few pets with this, myself.

Everyone is very kind in the discord, and many are more than willing to help find rares when they are able. I hope this helps, and I hope you have a good weekend!


As of today my hunter has been camped out in this area everyday. I have done all of the mark of the world tree quests. There are 2 of them for 150 turn in and then another 3 for 125 turn ins. the quests reward 1 or 2 mark of the world tree per day. So after all of that. I have not seen one single rare spawn in this area .

I apologize for resurrecting this thread, but I believe it’s important to clarify a few things about the Molten Front instance and how it works.

Like @Deedliht explained, Molten Front works like a dungeon, an one-instance public dungeon of sorts where anyone with access can enter regardless of their faction. Like regular dungeons, when emptied, it resets due to player inactivity. Some people have claimed the instance can exist up to 15 minutes after the last player abandons it, but I’m guessing it follows the same dungeon reset mechanics.

Today I ran a “quick” test to certify this fact and here are the spawn timers I got for each rare I found:

  • 1h09m - Skarr spawned on the further Fireplume Peak platform (tamed).
  • 1h53m - Solix and Anthriss spawned (both tamed).
  • 4h48m - Skarr spawned again on the same platform (killed).
  • 5h11m - Kirix spawned (tamed).
  • 5h42m - Deth’tilac spawned (tamed).
  • 6h58m - Skitterflame spawned (tamed).
  • 7h15m - Anthriss spawned again (left be).

I hope this helps. P.S. I had warmode on.