Mods, PLEASE put the word MODERN in front of General Discussion

In another thread, this person straight faced accused anyone suggesting retail adopt popular classic features to be a control freak and a sociopath down to the sexual deviancy normally reserved for serial killers.

Your logical argument falls on deaf ears.


but it is ok to wade through all the divorce the player above you and what if you woke and you were your character posts ect…


Well, we seem to have made it very clear that we do not want ANYTHING from classic WoW put into retail! We want retail to go forward with new and exciting features, not go back to 2004 and have stuff we have already played before put back into retail.

We do not want sloooooower leveling.
We do not want talent trees that give you 0.05% of something just for dinging.

We want that ancient content over with as fast as we can humanly get through it! I paid for vanilla 15 years ago, played through it no less than 5 times with alts when it was just vanilla.

I want to play the newest expansion i paid for in the easiest way possible, not wade through garbage just to get a new alt to that expansion, especially if its a new race or something like that. I also do not want vanillas pacing for the next 10 levels of a “NEW” expansion brought back.

Those are the TWO things i keep hearing from classic players as to what they want added to the version of the game i am playing, and i say plain ole NO!

I think the general idea is more centered on getting Retail to FEEL better in the way Classic does. The feeling of accomplishment, of time well spent, of power progression. These are things that could possibly be brought back to Retail if implemented well, and wouldn’t lead to what you fear coming to pass.

Such as:

Surely no reasonable person would demand that you basically play Classic in order to experience Retail WoW. Indeed, that is something to be avoided! I too hated leveling this character to the point I actually used a boost from the expansion to level him.

But that’s the thing, I don’t want that to be the case anymore. I don’t want to hate the leveling to the point I’d feel tempted to use a boost on a character. A better leveling system, a better class design philosophy, these are things that can be learned by studying Classic. imo

No one should expect you to. Especially when it comes to alts or multiple alts. It shouldn’t be such a pain to level an alt. There we agree. (especially on Retail!)

You’re dead wrong. Does it invole ANY aspect to classic discussion? Y/N. If yes it belongs in CLASSIC (hence the name) discussion.

you’re dead wrong.
i suggest you go read the second sentence of the sticky in this section.

sure it’s annoying having to sift through posts you’re not interested in, but it doesn’t mean you get to create a new rule-set just because you don’t like the existing one.


If that’s true. Then why do the mods (when they decide to do thier jobs) MOVE classic threads to the classic forum? Checkmate. Glad you admitted you’re wrong.

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Yeah, I hate seeing evidence of the success of something I wish would go away, too.

some get moved, some don’t.

GD is a catch-all.

lots of transmog threads here, but they belong in the transmog forum (and don’t get moved)

lots of pvp threads here, but they belong in the pvp forum (and don’t get moved)

etc etc.

i’m not the one who is wrong here.
i’ve done the “prove me wrong” thing for you twice now, and you’re still floating down that egyptian river.


I’m not against Classic. I think it was a neat idea and I’m genuinely glad people are enjoying it. My issue is that all the Classic posts in “retail” general are making the forum useless to me. I go to read relevant posts about the game I play. Classic posts are just as irrelevant to me as posts about Final Fantasy or any other game.

It also creates confusion because unless the title says Classic or Retail you waste time wading through posts not knowing which they are about. I’m not angry, but if this doesn’t change I doubt I’ll come to the forums much anymore because I dont care to read about Classic.

Its even worse because so many seem to act like there is a war between the two, which is silly. Both exist. You can like either or both and it doesn’t matter.


But it’s our job to make it fairer.

And once again you’re wrong. The fact is the mods hardly bother to do thier job to begin with. If they did bother you’d see the forum topics moved to thier respective forums. Classic discussion into classic. Crappy lounge threads to worlds end. Etc. Heck our blues don’t even enforce the rules and they’re PAID. I expect that kind of incompetence from a redditor mod. Not a paid one.

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Kinda sounds like something on a Dobermann’s wish list.

Its really not that serious… at all

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It doesn’t specify that these forums are for retail only, and that’s honestly something you can’t move past, sorry.

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Because scrolling down one extra post is just too exhausting? Lighten up…it’s a forum about a video game. You’re the one creating your own punishment by going into each Classic thread and commenting about how angry you get at seeing them.

I’d prefer they had two clearly defined forums too, but I’d rather put my energy into something productive…like dissecting someone’s spelling or run-on sentences lol.

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I’m not against either version of the game, although I spend a lot more time on retail. My only issue with this thread is that players don’t care about the spam threads that are posted in GD that belong in the Lore section, the Off-Topic section, the Guide section, and the Gameplay section.

if we’re going to get mad about something that doesn’t belong somewhere then lets also get mad about all the other stuff that doesn’t belong there.

They aren’t raging about that stuff because it doesn’t fit their rage narrative.

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lol… Classic is taking over, little one.

If you’d rather they had two defined forums (they do) Classic has its own forums. Then whats wrong with asking to enforce it? I can’t see anything wrong with that.


Because players aren’t interested in them enforcing anything else, only the Classic threads.

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