Mo' Summons

I was disappointed in Legion when there where so many new demons but our options, at least for our main demon, remained unchanged. The only option for a tank is a void lord with or without armor.

In Legion Demonology Locks was able to have a permanent infernal or doomguard, tank or ranged. Why not bring back the permanent Doomguard as an option, or better yet let us power up. As of this expansion we’ve bested A LOT of Doom Lords. I want a Doom Lord…or an Eredar. We can already summon an Eredar Tyarant


The devs stopped listening or caring about warlock class a long time ago, when they fired the warlock class dev who played and understood it.


they listen but they dont care

They did add an incubus form, but that may have been purely motivated by not being called out for sexism.

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Pretty much. Their HR department are the warlock devs now.

We need a more inclusive evil warlock. :stuck_out_tongue:

It would be nice to have a few more options, especially with a little more flavor than the trash we clear out.

It always bothers me that the felguard’s armor clips through his chest.