Mmarkers just rage quit solo shuffle on stream

cringe defender with obvious bias due to looks and literally nothing else^.^<3

You need to put a shirt on. You’re fully exposed and it’s one of the main reasons you lack defense.

I keep trying, but everytime I enter the arena it gets ripped to shreds by these melee cleaves T_T It’s cheaper to just go without at this point. Plus, the aesthetic is top notch for that tribal ritualistic wolf befriending master of elements shaman look.

Is that your excuse for maxxing out at 2100 2s over the years?

Such a boring excuse.

Everyone better than me probably got carried. Soloq isn’t insanely inflated I’m just finally not held back by bad partners!!

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I think that brings validity to posting it here too.

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I know we all have bad days and the op made this thread to brag but it’s still scummy to leave when you go 0-5. Idc who you are.

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When zerging the healer is a viable strat, something is broken.

Gameplay is vastly better in Wrath because mana matters more. Also Wrath has way less mobility across the board.

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Agrees nobody at all. It’s dead, leave it be.

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I agree. He complained about it himself, while playing prevoker. Then tries to fistweave a warrior, ret, dh and a lock, loses all 5 games he played, then does to everyone else in the game the exact thing he posted a complaint about.

Pretty lame stuff. Especially to do it on steam after asking his chat and being told he shouldn’t. Only to do it anyways and act the way he did after.


Nah I only play with irl friends, I’m 2k in SoloQ with like 50 rounds, game isn’t hard lol but if you don’t think some galds were carried by teammates and meta comps you’re delusional

I agree but the specs are so unbalanced and feels really bad to have to pve to pvp

A. Everyone is guilty of doing something cringe now and again, you just don’t play on camera.

B. As Bri said, probably says more about the current state of healing than Marker’s himself. It’s a severely unfun role to play in solo shuffle.

Should he have probably had some sense of self and not done that? Of course, but PVP pisses you off sometimes, stuff happens. I don’t know the guy, but I wouldn’t personally choose to judge someone off getting mad and leaving a match one time. lol

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I know. But I rather do damage and kill someone with downtime than do lots of damage and nobody dies, with downtime…

I thought Wrath was in shambles, though.


In terms of activity yes. Wrath was Wrath in its own time only. Its not same experience. People don’t socialize they stay in their Discord bubbles. I don’t think Cata or MoP will be any better. People changed too much.

Leavers should have incremental penalties if they leave X amount of games within a month time period.
First offense is -150 CR/-150 MMR 30min ban from ALL PvP activity
Second offense -300 CR/-300 MMR and a 2 hour ban from ALL PvP activity
Third offense -600 CR/-600 MMR and the same 2 hour ban from ALL PvP activity
Fourth offense -1000 CR/ -1000 MMR and the same 2 hour ban from ALL PvP activity
Fifth offense - Banned permanently from Solo shuffle for the duration of the season on that specific character

it’s very easy to keep track of a flag like this tied to characters, you could even display the penalties on the Solo Shuffle queue button if a player has a penalty so they are AWARE they have an incremental penalty against them.

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There are people who do just get disconnected.

But yea, if someone is 0-5 then types /afk or gets disconnected consistently when they are losing the system needs some intelligence to penalize them for all PvP activity.

Decorpse Plz dont make any more forums kk ty <3 you aren’t one to speak

Yeah ill just continue to do me, stay in your lane bud