MM Legion artifact question

I played from vanilla to WOD, then came back for BFA. So I didn’t play through enough of Legion to unlock all the artifact upgrades and appearances. There is one MM artifact skin I’d love on my hunter main, it’s the bow with the green fel looking design.

Can the green version of Phoenix Rebirth still be obtained and used for transmog ?

I tried to read up on it but got a bit confused. I know some skins are locked now since they were from Mage Tower, but wasn’t sure about the Phoenix Rebirth skins. Was curious if anyone since BFA has gone back to unlock any those skins.

The Mage Tower are the only ones unable to be unlocked at this point.

The skin in question for you requires the Balance of Power questline first for the baseline, and then for the green version it should completing the achievement Unleashed Monstrosities, which requires 8 kills of the starting Legion World Bosses. I haven’t gone back for those monsters, but I imagine if they aren’t soloable they should be easy with a couple friends.

Better hunters than me can elaborate or fix any mistakes I made.

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