MM feeels sooooo bad and slow outside of trueshot or is it just me?

and when not in trueshot DPS just DIPS compared to the other 2 specs outside of there CD window, or is it just me?


I’m guessing you don’t have 2 piece yet.

i do and im talking about ST

MM just isn’t designed to be fun since BfA :frowning:


“I don’t care about what anything was DESIGNED to do, I care about what it CAN do.” --Gene Kranz

MM since BFA… could do some…interesting things. Things that may take someone out of the “endgames that matter”, but interesting things nonetheless.

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Why are you being so cryptic?

What was good with the BfA design? I never been into MM always felt too stiff.

no like, it wasn’t good starting in BfA. once they moved away from vuln windows (and marked shot) the spec just feels too barebones for me. it doesn’t really have any sort of unique mechanic like every other dps spec

It feels like as of now it has too much. With most just fillers and makes the rotation more confusing that it is.

It doesn’t have anything now, that’s the problem. It feels like a tutorial spec since the only thing you need to do is use your abilities :frowning:
re-adding vuln windows would be good for the spec and good for design space for talents/tier sets/etc

I used it once at the start, and had so many abilities on my bar. However, I only needed a few for a full fight. I wanted to use them all, but they are mostly just optional.

Hunter became the best stealth class, to the chagrin of Rogue mains and the odd Feral. So if you’re tracking me(you’re really not, unless you’re also a Hunter), Hunters can do things with stealth that no Rogue ever could.

Again the obscurity. What can hunters do that rogues can’t?

I don’t get the secrecy here.

Edit: also, congrats on finally playing Dragon Flight.

The voices told him he cannot share anything meaningful and most only talk like a deranged person

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mm been horrible since BFA. needs another rework.

Dark Rangers should be an off spec of Rogues. Give Sub Rogues the Survival treatment and redesign it to be a range spec that uses Shadow magic.

MM needs a complete overhaul. It’s such a dull spec. It hits hard enough, if you have enough crit gear. The play feels slow and what few synergies we have are, limited.

The latest tier bonus turns a filler spell into something it’s not. Granted it’s amusing to delete mobs with a single button push.

I’d like to see Aimed shot have a body part targeting aspect.

Headshots would blind, slow casting, or stun. Depending on whether or not the target was a boss.

Arm shots could slow melee attack speed, giving hunters a debuff they can apply on bosses and mobs.

Leg Shots could slow movement speed for those pesky mobs and bosses that need kiting.

Torso Shots could apply a stacking bleed or expose the armor for the group/raid to get bigger crits on.

There are ways make Hunters interesting and useful. These are just examples. Give hunters actual raid utility.


You can thank the TWW promo for that. Remember how I said earlier this year Blizz should just give us all DF for free(for the thing)? Looks like they did. Edit: I should add that I’m thankful that Blizz kept in the banked XP. I dinged 70 instantly, so I didn’t do a single DF quest that gave me XP lol.

Not just being able to gank from all range up to ~50, but having front-loaded abilities that does not require COMBO POINTS right off the bat can global anything. Rogues have to do some set-up with that.

It’s been a clash of the [stealth] titans since.

I’ve been talking about WPvP this entire time, and potentially Arena. We all know the WFO hero. So yes, Hunters are not really good in large group play, but I know where they are good.

Those voices aren’t relevant to me anymore. Those voices cannot accept they’re wrong and they’ve been beaten. It has nothing to do with how I can just dominate all the more with such a small ilvl disparity, since progression has never been easier. I fed the Vault twice and got two TW weeklies done, though the bulk of it still remains. Huzzah.

For short, those voices don’t mean anything to me anymore.

It is what it is, and I thought I was a filthy casual who’s bivocational and has other hobbies. I even did D&D 5e for a few years. MMOs have changed and it’s not necessarily all about who spends more time on. Time played is important but no longer king in determining the best.

The secrecy is the dude dribbles nonsense on the regular and lives in a fantasy land and genuinely needs medication or an intervention.


I’m talking about the voices in your deranged head lmao