Mixed Race

Trolls specifically.

I’m writing a character and decided she shouls be the progeny of Revantusk Torntusk aristocracy and a humble Darkspear fisherman who’s knack for chill vibes landed him that sweet job.

So she’s kinda an aqua green and honors both family trees.

But it got me thinking, how would this work with say dwarves? Or more pertinent to me, worgen? As I’ve a Spanish Frenchman Werewolf I’m writing as being from Dalaran;

In regards to mixed dwarves, Dagran Thaurissan II is described as.

“he is a young child with skin described as an unusual but warm shade of gray. His eyes are large and green with no hint of any red glow, and his hair is white, now several years older, he is described as having a glimmer of fiery red in his green eyes”

AFAIK he’s the only one we know of so far.


Elves and Orcs can mingle with humans but Blizzard never said If other races could do the same.

Well, Worgen is the easiest case, because Worgen is simply an altered state layered on top of whatever race you already are. It has no effect on reproduction.

Well, Orcs can mingle with Ogres and Draenei.

My personal theory is that any race shaped either directly or indirectly by the Titans are compatible.

So, every single playable race, in theory.

One of the Blizard dev’s maybe in a tweet, not sure don’t care enough to find out, literally used the “magic did it excuse” to justify any cross-species people as a handwave to it. That was the only answer I’ve ever heard attributed to them.

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Last time we had this discussion, an example of it it disrupted the council of tirisfal and not a single person enjoyed its conceivable outcome.

The Worgen curse is not hereditary and is not passed on to the offspring. For example, a Worgen and an Elf pair would just have your standard half-human, half-elf children.

I’m legit just curious.

I’d probably be most interested in Trolls as they are to Azeroth what Humanity is to Earth.

It’s not the nicest way to say it but yes there are forest, snow, lake, sand, ocean etc humans who developed secondary characteristics like skin pigments to better survive in specific environments.

Like you could describe me as a Forest Human that’s where most of my genes come from. Tragically I’m not green though. More very pale.

So is it just the punnet squares with them as well?

Hard to say. I don’t know where Loa factor into a punnett square. The Loa grant trolls regeneration, and seem to have made the Zandalari quite a bit different structurally compared to other trolls.

I assume every race except the furry(humanoid animal) races can interbreed.

So all the elves, orcs, goblins, dwarves, gnomes, humans and so on.

But Pandaren, Tauren and such can only be with their own race for a sucessful pregnancy.

That is my complete assumption, it has never been stated outright. We judt know in lore the only examples are with the non-animal races.

Honestly it’s weird how little they’ve explored it. I get why initially as contact between say Orcs and Humans or Trolls and Elves were uh. Not exactly fertile fields where passionate, joyous love might bloom.

But at this point it’s actively weird there isn’t like a faction neutral Half Orc playable race to me.

Personally I’d say in lieu of any hardwork just steal how it works in the Elder Scrolls setting. Where mom’s genes are dominant. But dad has influence too.

Take the Gray Prince. A half orc of ashen complexion who’s strength and resilience are absurd even for an Orc.

His dad wasn’t a fan of the sunlight.

Half-Orcs and Half-Elves both. Dalaran’s been around for 3,000 years and Alodi was already around in time to become the first Guardian.

The Devs seem to have been hesitant from the start to have mixed-race characters though. The typical fantasy tropes back in any franchise were that such characters were a product of non-consensual intercourse. That’s not to say that sort of topic didn’t have it’s place in the lore (Garona, Alexstraza, etc…), but rather that the devs didn’t want to make an entire race that could have such a common potential background.

Or at least that’s how I interpret it. All I know is, they were never keen on the idea of mixed race characters. Who knows? Maybe Med’an killed everyone’s enthusiasm for the idea internally well before those comics were even released.


I’ve a Half Orc character and I wrote her as having decided Orc skeleton structure, but her cartilage as well as skin color and tooth size were human in nature.

So the standard fantasy trope of an objectively drop dead gorgeous character regarded as ugly by insane beauty standards from different species.

Also very wavy curly hair from my own experiences. I’m Austro-Italian predominantly of Ostrogothic extraction but with a lot of Arabic and Slavic mixed in there so I’m mixed race. And just by quirk of existence I’ve happened to be close with a lot of African American and Afro Latina women.

And uh. Hair care resembles a torture scene in Star Wars where various goop and gizmos are being dumped on our scalp.

On Earth mixed race people have the best hair. If you give us like 6 hours prep time.

They do tend to be singular examples, so “A wizard/warlock/necromancer/druid/shaman did it” is plausible.

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The Devs seem to have been hesitant from the start to have mixed-race characters though.

If its like anything else, its probably beecause they dont want to make animations or anything else with a new skeleton, something youd need to do with playable half races.


Finally the missing link between trolls and elves was found. All nelf fans are coping hard.

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Why would they be coping hard? We’ve known for a LONG time now that a tribe of dark trolls became the first kaldorei.


They will keep pretending Elune created them and not Titan blood radiation.

Either way, we already know that a tribe of dark trolls became the kaldorei

I’ll ask again, why would they be coping?