Mistweaver- stop buffing what doesnt matter

Quick bit of context, Mistweaver have been a slowly dying breed and are my favourite healer to play. The recent fistweaving buff only tends to pve and not pvp. I got some ideas on how very minor changes can bring them back to being high teir PVP healers again. Inspired by evoker

Tiger Lust- Make it Immune to roots and snares (it removes slows but certian classes like dk can reslow no problem) inspired by HOVER
Life caccoon- Castable while stunned inspired by Emerald communion
Detox- Add a minor heal Inspired by Cauterizing flame
Vivavious Vivication- auto cast vivify OR ensurging mist
Diversify Spell schools, getting kicked means you cannot cast a single healing spell on team mates. inspired by blue, red, bronze, green, and black schools. THATS 5 DIFFERENT SCHOOLS. WE HAVE ONE

I understand that we do ALOT of healing, but with dampening being buffed, classes that have/Provide damage immunities or reductions will win in the end. Plus when one shots are meta, we have is caccoon and nothing else. (ya cant really heal one shots lad) Our agility doesnt matter too much if you are not the focus, i have games were people dont bother hitting me meaning i barely use alot of my toolkit. Also alot of classes are becoming more mobile, dh can literally jump over ROP, dks can wraith walk it etc. evoker can literally become IMMUNE to all ccs? Just a thought. These changes are inspired by evoker but by all means will not make monk similar to them in term of playstyle, only possibility. What do yall think ?


The moment you mentioned pvp the entire thread became redundant. Blizzard does not build anything around pvp in anyway. Infact they are in record stating that it was a mistake adding pvp and if they could they would remove it. Never ever use pvp in any tuning/class discussion.


“blizzard does not build around pvp” if you wont offer logical insight then dont comment. If they say pvp was a mistake that does not mean that they dont/wont work on it. If we speak about class tuning it should be for both pvp and pve, some nerfs dont effect pvp, some dont effect pve. Dont be silly. It is about everything the class can encompass.


Who is they?


Their schools overlap a bit since they are categorized under standard spell schools, not flight colours, but the point stands that kicking a healing spell shouldn’t allow the Evoker to just switch to a different healing spell.

On another point, TtK is the reason why pvp isn’t enjoyable to try out.

The original blizz dev team.

How “Original” are we talking? When did this statement go on record? During Vanilla?


My insight was logical. Blizz is on recorded saying they do not tune around pvp. So any class discussion around it is pointless.

What part of original is hard. The first dev team. Their was an interfew maybe 5 months ago with devs saying if they could they would remove pvp because to them it was a mistake.

Don’t get snippy with me. If you were more precise with your answers, I wouldn’t have to play detective. :male_detective:

Which devs? Some of them? All of them?


Seeing a trend here.
Surprised there wasn’t a “bring back Mistwalk, inspired by Verdant Embrace”
You MIGHT want to give Preservation a go, as we’re not getting any of this.

this guy man LOOOOOOL, buddy if they said they dont tune around pvp, that doesnt mean they dont work on pvp. idk what About that statement you dont understand. The reason they are raising stamina for df is to counter the dampening buff. That is literally pvp.

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This is true. We’re not going to be getting any massive changes this late in the game; at any rate, I’m still going to main my MW. I don’t do FotM.


I wouldn’t pay him any mind. He’s just your typical, run-of-the-mill hidden profile PVE player.

Link the video or it didn’t happen.

This is rob pardo

was going to pick on a game design thing that I look back on and think was a mistake? We really never designed WoW to be a competitive e-sports game; it was something that we decided to start tackling because there was such a desire and demand to evolve it in that direction, to introduce competitive arenas. I’m not sure that that was the right thing to do with the game.

We didn’t engineer the game and classes and balance around it, we just added it on, so it continues to be very difficult to balance. Is WoW a PvE cooperative game, or a competitive PvP game? There’s constant pressure on the class balance team, there’s pressure on the game itself, and a lot of times players who don’t PvP don’t understand why their classes are changing. I don’t think we ever foresaw how much tuning and tweaking we’d have to do to balance it in that direction. Either I’d go back in time to before WoW ever shipped and change the rules to make the basic game more conductive for being an e-sport, or if not that, just say it doesn’t make sense. Right now, WoW has a bit of a schizophrenic philosophy behind it, and we’re trying to figure out how to guide it.


Pvp was always a going to be a part of wow, just not as a balanced esport type of deal.

I belive it was Rob Pardo or simeone else higher up that had made clear that the classes and gameplay was conceptualized and designed around the idea of small scale competitiveness via arena. And if they could go back they probably would not have introduced arena into the game in the same fashion, as it was something of a shoe horning into the game and letting whatever stuck ride out.

Pvp in relation to open world shenanigans and BGs were always part of the core deisgn philosophy. Its easy to target class balance in controlled pve environments, while letting larger scale smorgasbord nonsense be just that. It wasnt until arena was added that an extra layer of class pvp balance scruntiny was put under the magnifying glass.

Mistwalk was dope! Hell the entire Mistweaver kit before they dumbed it down was great. I loved how OG monks played. You had to balance chi and mana. But god forbid people have to lrn2play…so instead they gut the class and make it just like every other regular mana healer class. I was so mad when they did that.

lmao what an insane take.

Yeah… OG Healing Spheres needed to go (busted, LOL). Mistwalk hurt though. Salt in the wound with blizz taking it from us, only to give it to Prevokers.