Mistweaver question

Started mistweaver for funzies.
Just wanted to ask a few questions.

  1. Touch of Death - Do you just use it as soon as it’s available on big bois?
  2. Do you always get 3 chi to do the kick?
  3. At how many targets spinning is better than single target attacks?
  4. Tea (buff 1 ability every 30s) - Is using it on a HoT best use?


  1. Touch of death - do you have any other monk in your group? Use it asap.

The monk with the largest HP pool should try to go for the kill, and mistweaver HP is pretty small.

If you are the only monk in the group you can download a weak aura that will light up when the mob HP matches yours so you can do the final kill.

  1. sorry, dont understand ._.

  2. are you fistweaving? For pure damage sake, anything above single target Skk will do more damage than tiger palm, but that’s not always what you need.

Typically speaking, yes. The only reason you’d want to hold it is if you’re Rising Mist and know there’s a large amount of damage popping up during that threshold of the bosses HP.

Windwalker is currently the only spec that has chi. Mistweaver has no chi anywhere in the kit, though it is sorely missed.

Our base damage is relatively low. 3+ targets you’d be better off Spinning Crane Kick.

Thunder Focus Tea’s(TFT) optimal combination depends entirely on your playstyle.
Are you more the type to lurk behind the group and heal from afar? (it’s viable but not as strong) If yes, then using it on Renewing Mist would be worthwhile.

That being said, most Mistweavers are playing Rising Mist and the fistweaving playstyle, as it is considerably stronger and far easier on mana consumption. For fistweaving, you always pair it with Rising Sun Kick. You get far more bang for your buck out of extending >all< your HoTs than just 1. So more Rising Sun Kicks via TFT is the only strong option.

If I’m running with a mist or WW, I usually ask them to TOD asap to bring the boss into my execute range faster. I’ll also pop fortifying brew if I havent used it for a bigger ToD window.

Touch of Death also increases are damage to target by X amount (I think it’s 15%) for several seconds. On a boss fight (if fistweaving) you should preHoT everyone with EF and REM so your fistweaving healing is also increased.

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