Mistweaver Mouseover Macro

How do you personally use Soothing Mist as a mouseover? Do you additionally mouseover enveloping mist & vivify on the channeled target?

Naturally I’d expect these to instant cast on my channeled target. That’s not the case apparently so in dungeons I keep cancelling Soothing Mist to full-cast enveloping mist on myself since it was a mouseover to begin with.

Are there any solutions to this? Is there a macro to prioritize your channeled target? Or perhaps a macro that targets the player you mouseover Soothing Mist on?

Couldn’t find this info anywhere


You need separate macros.

1 - [@mouseover, nodead, noharm]Soothing Mist
2 - [@mouseover, nodead, noharm]Vivify
3 - [@mouseover, nodead, noharm]Enveloping Mist

You cast 1 to start SM, then press 2 or 3 after the GCD to start healing. If you don’t use mouseovers for Vivify or EM you will break the SM cast and only heal yourself.

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I was hoping that wasn’t the case but I’ll get used to it. Ty!

No problem. Once you start using mouseovers it doesn’t make sense to not go all the way with every ability. I know my brain wouldn’t be able to handle a mix of clicking and mouseovers, haha

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For what you are saying I guess you could make your soothing mist macro to also add the player as your focus then add a condition for your EnvelopingMist macro to prioritize casting on your focus if friendly and alive or on mouseover otherwise.

I wouldn’t do it for Vivify because that one you often want to hard cast it on different players. You often don’t use SooM before it so your focus would still be whoever you last used SooM which is often not who you want to Vivify.

I don’t think the macro would be too useful though, if you are casting SooM with a mouseover then your mouse is already there to then cast Enveloping/Vivify if you want to, regular mouseovers do the job nicely (like the ones Tidal suggested).

idk if this helps or if it’s what you were looking for, but if you were to use a macro that is something like “/use [@mouseover, help, nodead][] Soothing Mist” that will look for a mouseover target to cast soothing mist on and if there is not a mouseover target, it will cast it on your current target.

You use could also do one for “/tar [target=mouseover]” to alway ensure that you target your mouseover before you start casting.

Hope I was able to help

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#showtooltip Soothing Mist
/cast [nomod, harm] Crackling Jade Lightning
/cast [@mouseover, exists, help] Soothing Mist
/cast Soothing Mist

I’m a pvp bro, though. Soothe friendly, crackling enemy.

the way I use it is I got the Clique addon and I got soothing mist on a keybind I dont find too cumbersome (like shift+right click).

and I completely forgot to answer the other half (thus the edit) I got vivify macroed on mousover, same as em. then I shift+right click target -> em -> viv and here both the em and viv are instant cast.

p.s.: maybe not quite what you want as it does require the clique addon

The ones I use are set up like this:

Soothing Mist
/cast [@mouseover,help,nodead][] Soothing Mist
/focus [@mouseover,help,nodead]

Enveloping Mist
/cast [@mouseover,help,nochanneling][@focus,channeling][]Enveloping Mist

Viv is the same as EM just replace the word.

The empty brackets are there so you don’t need to add an extra /cast whatever