MistWeaver LF Guild

Hello everyone,

I am a potentially returning player to wow and I am in need of a guild to call home while I level. I am an adult with a busy life until about June but would like to slowly sink back into a routine and eventually raid. I am leveling a Mistweaver Monk with an Offspec of BrewMaster.

I am indifferent to the faction that I play on so I will hold off on leveling her until I find the right home! I am looking to raid around June time frame (or fit in as an extra body on nights an extra is needed, once I am ready)

For now though I am seeking a populated guild that is active and willing to take on a casual for Mythic + and general social interactions. If I am able to find a guild that has raid times that are do’able for me that is a great plus, as I don’t like to move around if I don’t have to.

Raids on Weekends are best for me at current, Friday/Sat/Sun are fairly open but I can also do SOME weekdays.

Please take a look at my recent guild recruitment post here:

Seems like we might mesh well. Lemme know if you have any other questions!

Thanks for the reply. I will message you in game. Feel free to add me to Bnet Yaz#11635

Hey man,

We’re looking for a healer to join our core progression team, but we’re always open to have social players that are interested in joining us to run some mythic + or join in on our Sunday alt raid to see/learn content.

Check out my recruitment post for more info (and my contact information): <Fellowship> [H] 4/9H 9/9N BoD LF Healer/Melee DPS

Good luck on finding a home!