Mists of Pandaria, Remix!

oh theres a vendor to just buy stuff? can i buy them on my 70s?
i dont wanna level

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Yeah. Admittedly, I didn’t hang around Stormwind much on my WrA Alliance characters, but I have some friends that did. So many have drifted away from Pandaren over the years. Makes me wanna cry. :cry:

But of course, I’m glad they’re doing what they enjoy now. Just… gets lonely when Pandaren are your go-to and you have the glory days to remember when you can count on one hand how many are left.

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I don’t think so, I think you have to level in Pandaria from 10 to 70 but it’s supposed to be absurdly fast.

The character is on your roster, but is locked to this limited time event until it’s over. Then when the event is over, they’re just another 70 on your roster.

I kind of wish we could use one of our 70s and just re-level from 10 in this because I have too many characters already. Like knock them back to 10 for the event, they hit 70 again – and if they get abandoned, when the event is over they’re back to 70 in “the real world”.


You can’t. You have to buy it on toons that are leveled in the new thing. For one the venders are not available on retail and two several mounts have level requirements to purchasing them.

Throughout hte leveling process you should be getting caches from all types of quests with items (that can be dusted into currency) and more currency. I got like 700 just from doing the intro, doing some rep stuff, and flying around


honestly super surprised. I really don’t like redoing old content- which is why Classic just doesn’t appeal to me at all. Maybe I’ll try it for the stuff it brings to my main

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I am looking for people who want to form five person parties of a specific make up to do the Mists of Pandaria Timerunning Remix Event together.

I am specifically looking to form two different groups that I want to level up this mode with.

The first group would be an all Pandaren RP group. Preferably one tank, healer, and three DPS. I would like this group to specifically be associated with the Shado-Pan as well. That means if you play a caster…you would eventually be part of the Omnia Clan. At the point in which we reach max level. We will RP out the Shado Pan ceremony. It would be really cool if each Pandaren embodied the spirit of a specific August Celestial. This would translate to specifically which spec you are playing as they each have their own August Celestial aspect that they are bound to.

The second group I would like to start is an all Zandalari Troll RP group. I am not sure if these Zandalari would be a scouting party for Zul or something different that wasn’t aligned with Zul. Maybe we are, but we break off on our own at some point. Kind of like the Bad Batch clones from the animated Star Wars series.

:warning: For this Project. It is important to me that we do the entire leveling up and campaign process as a full party. This means if people want to take breaks, or whatever then the entire party will take a break. For this reason. Keep in mind that this Project should not be your “main” for this mode so if you want to keep experiencing the event you are not held back by waiting for your party. This project is designed to function like a Tabletop Group Session.

Taking sign ups now for these specific roles. Respond below with which class and spec and character you are interested in rolling.

0/1 Pandaren Party :ox: Niuzao the Black Ox (Tank Spec) :shield:
0/1 (2) Pandaren Party :dragon_face: Yu’Lon the Jade Serpent (Caster DPS Spec) :mage:
0/1 (2) Pandaren Party :tiger: Xuen the White Tiger (Melee DPS Spec) :crossed_swords:
1/1 Pandaren Party :bird: Chi-Ji the Red Crane (Healer Spec) :adhesive_bandage:

Besides this. I kind of just want to fill up the roster slots with class and race combinations I have always wanted to play.


I have to say, sometimes jumping back into the past isn’t a good thing.

They are adding well over 40 new mounts for this Pandaria remix and there’s just 4, that I would care about. They are adding literally thousands of armor /gear items for it and I haven’t seen anything that calls to me at all.

I loved MOP as an expac. It was thoroughly enjoyable, one of my favorite gameplay-wise. However, I am now being reminded of my large disconnect to it.


Well if the reception is good then hopefully they do more with other expansions! Hopefully if they redo this you can find something that you want.


This has actually inspired me to have our next Sunreavers campaign happen in Pandaria!


I like the idea of “leveling events” for retail, but what does “Accelerated Leveling” look like when it already only takes like 2 zones and some dungeons to get to 60? Post-Shadowlands leveling is already super “accelerated”.

Every time I’ve done Pandaria leveling it was “most of jade forest, part of valley and part of kun lai”, because I always leveled out of it before Townlong or Dread Wastes entered into it (krasarang seems to have less leveling content too and more daily content, but I’m not totally sure). I’m curious to see if the pace actually has you journey through the whole continent, or if you’d have to level 5 characters to see all the zones.

It is harder to get excited about leveling after Shadowlands since the process has been so expedited and meaningless for several years–I’m sure we all have a stable of level 60ish characters which have been rapidly leveled during various XP buff events (or boosted) and completely abandoned afterward.


From what I’ve seen thus far, the first toon (or x toons before leveling your cloak to max) will have a similar if not slightly faster leveling experience. With some older style leveling with zones having a minimum level associated with them.

Then when you progress your cloak you get % experience buffs. I don’t recall what the exact max was but its like 300%+ experience gain from my memory. Along with account bound stats that is definitely going to make the leveling curve very terse.

So the accelerated leveling is going to be FAST.

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I’d really prefer to see an event like this where they try to make the leveling, yknow… harder rather than easier. Leveling is already super easy! It isn’t interesting! It is just sort of mindless objective following while enemies melt before you.

A special event where you level and collect cosmetics in a world where, say, every mob is elite-tier and you need a pal to adventure with just to survive would be a more interesting way to shake things up.

I’m dreaming of serious deep dived Chromie time and Blizz using the Bronze and Infinite Dragonflights for a variety of these Classic/Retail mashups.

I’ve said this a bunch but splitting Classic and Cata in Chromie time so that if you go to Vanilla through to Wrath, it’s the old world, and Classic to Dragonflight is the current world, and if they update the world then you have that as well… would love that.

Then, ‘timelocking’ characters so you can do an Wrath RP guild with your current characters and they age backwards.

Meanwhile, classic still viable for playing the actual talents of the time.

This Pandaria thing is DF talents.

With leveling, it’s interesting that it’s new characters and level 10 to 70.

They could also make stuff like this where you pick a character that gets thrown back in time and there is no leveling, it’s just a renown sort of system.

This is a real promising step IMO.

But I feel worse for PvPers who want to collect all this stuff than PvErs who had to do Plunderstorm. I think this will be way more time to get everything.

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I don’t know, speaking for myself I find single-player leveling relaxing and enjoyable. I’d much rather do that than something like plunderstorm, tbh. For more challenging group content, it sounds like the old raids will be up. Nothing wrong with giving the solos something to do.


Well with that in mind I don’t think this event is what you’re looking for. Probably classic or season of discovery is more in line with what you’re thinking.

For myself, something like that sounds…quite unappetizing. I already know there are going to be zones that will most likely require people to help me (ie: Isle of Thunder specifically the upper tiered areas with the elites). That way I can choose to when and where I want to be dependent on others (of course outside heroic raiding or group content). Let alone for a limited time event being dependent on others when I want to grind something is not for me.


I really like Season of Discovery, so pretty excited for MoP remix since it seems to be in th same vein but even better because i can get stuff i can use in retail.

Haven’t decided what I will play yet, another monk? Another rogue? Maybe a Mage or Death Knight idk? If the leveling in remix counts towards unlocking a heritage set from an allied race, I might play a Zanda because it’ll be funny to be like how do you do fellow uh horde mons.


Thats what I am gonna do after my main! Just level for all my missing heritage armor. Thus far they haven’t said they aren’t eligble so ima say: Yes!

Also ngl Zanda is gonna be so awkward “Hello pandaren, I am not the zandalari that want to kill you. Anyways…ZANDALAR FOREVER!”


Exactly LOL that’s gonna be my guy.

Everyone yelling for the Horde and my guy in the back like hans moleman, “I was saying Zandalar forever.”

If I play a Zandalari character I’ll probably roll a druid because the dino forms rock.


One of my guildies may be playing a past version of himself, while I’m playing present-time Dragonflight version of my character, and we’re gonna RP and adventure! Probably. Hopefully. I will, anyway. Timerunner RP sounds fun as hell.

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Although I am not a fan of MoP visuals, I am hoping perhaps they will have Timerunning for the other expacs. Maybe that will bring some of these unused / unavailable models into the game?