Missing Spark of Ingenuity

I completed the quest lines, have the partial achievement, but i did not recieve my spark of ingenuity, please advise?


Did you use the item in your bag called “Bottled Essence” and then use that on the Engine back where you got the quest from the Titan in Valdrakken. Once you use that Consumable it will automatically pop up in your bag.

Yes, I’ve double checked all the quest completion through the /run command too.

my spark was missing too, and when i made a ticket about it, i just got sent a link, sending me here and my ticket was marked as resolved, when my issue persists.

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Lol same, real nice Blizzard. Mine was automated too.

turns out i used my spark for my engineering helmet and forgot about it lol. sorry blizz and ty for telling me! <3