Missing Gold in Classic Beta

Is it possible to have a GM check my logs on the Classic Beta to confirm if I’m missing gold? Since I’m unable to make a ticket on the beta I can’t exactly ask there.

Frozendown - PvP

I feel like I had more gold, but I may have completely forgotten (due to exhaustion from playing) if I trained a bunch of skills.

Unfortunately the beta handled by the QA team not sure if there gona be able to help you either best to post in the beta bug report.

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I’m unable to create a topic in the “In Development” Classic Beta forums or I would have posted it there. I’ve periodically tried to make a new topic there for various issues for the past few days and have no permission to make a topic.

Well im sure theres a solution to the posting problem but you wont get any help here with any beta issues. You can try this for forum issues * Log out of the forums.

  • Log into the forums while in this forum , random Character T gets selected.
  • Character T can now post here… Log out of the forums again.
  • Log into the forums again, random Character Q gets selected. Characters T and Q can now post in this forum. Log out of the forums.
  • Log in again, rinse and repeat until the toon you get stops changing. Switch to the character you want , log out again.
  • Log in again. It should have logged you back in with your desired character.

I find it incredible that this is a solution however roundabout it is. I can confirm that I can make a topic on the In Development Classic Beta forums now. I’ll wait before I make a second post though.

I can guarantee you that the GMs would not be able to look into that. They really don’t work in the beta, that is all QA’s doing. Also betas are as is and will have bugs and other issues, if you lost gold than that would need to be reported as a bug. It really doesn’t matter though as you are going to be reset after the beta is over anyway.



GMs don’t handle Beta. The Dev team and QA handle Beta. As it says in the Beta forum, report bugs from within the game using the Bug Report features provided.

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