Missing Fleet Admiral

I can’t find admiral fleet to finish the quest The Dreadblades, he’s just not where he should be in the rogue’s hideout.


having the same issue the npcs are just gone

Just ran into the same issue.

Same problem. No npcs in the room.

Same for me and one other person I met while trying to turn it in.

I had done no other Legion Rogue nor artifact quest. The Dreadblades was the first of any of the expansion content I did on my rogue. I completed it, rode the gryphon back to Dalaran, got final quest completion, yet no NPC. I logged into other characters. I re-logged in to WoW. I ditched literally every other quest I had. None of that works.

Curiously, Tethys is still in Booty Bay, and I can start the scenario again. But while I can complete the scenario up through killing Eliza and making the Dreadblades spawn in the center of the room, they’re not interactable.

Just got a response on my ticket, and the GM was able to complete my quest for me. I’m able to pick up the next one. Fingers crossed I don’t run into anything more…

Same problem

Yeah, the problem still persists. Just created a ticket. Let’s see if they have any solutions.

Getting this on my rogue as well and also submitted a ticket. It’s a small thing, but a hard stop to progression if you picked Outlaw as your first artifact.

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All the Rogue class hall weapons quest are broken when u want to turn then in. Is bc the hall phase and is having a bug.
I dont know what blizzard did on this patch to break that.
Only solution so far is to open a Ticket and wait. 2-3d so a GM complet it for u.
i know…

Tossing my name in here too just to make it current. Still bugged Q.Q

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Yep, having the same problem. I abandoned other quests, I logged out and back in, I left Chromie time, I went back into Chromie time. I also went down to Booty Bay to see if I could hand in there, but no go. None of it helped.

Same here. Picked Outlaw as my first ones so now can’t progress at all.

Same problem here, I can’t even level my rogue since I need to complete an artifact quest to even begin. Just watching my subscription timer tick down essentially until they fix it. >.>

Open a ticket. They’ll complete it for you after telling you all the things to do (that don’t work) to fix it. Then they’ll tell you to submit a bug report as if that hasn’t been done already. They completed mine so I could move on after about 2 days of waiting for a ticket reply.