Mirror Image still not working correctly

I read through these forums and found a few post back in Oct, Aug, and April that a few people are experiencing the same problems with Mirror Image as myself, but it has yet to be answered and confirmed by Blizz if it’s working as intended or if it’s bugged.

When using mirror image during an encounter (whether it’s used before a pull, or waiting a few seconds after a boss has been pulled), the mirror image clones will stand there and do nothing. There are times where it works fine and the 3 image clones start attacking, but majority of the time, they do not attack. Any explanation if this is working correctly or not? I have not seen a blue post confirming if it’s working as intended or not.

Thank you.


I hope they look and fix it for you…resto druids have been arguing for someone to look at our broken Wild Growth talent since prepatch with nothing, so hopefully you all dont keep suffering the same fate.

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Bumping for the us Mages.

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Does it work consistently if you always cast from within ~20 yards of the target? That’s how Shaman’s fire elemental seems to work.

Ill have to test it. Normally im always at max range which is around 30 yards.

WHY IS THIS STILL NOT FIXED? WHY does blizzard/ccp think it’s OK to give us spells that don’t work when that’s why we play? WHY is Completely IGNORING an entire class in this game and in support ok? Do you expect people to continue PAYING you for the bold Insult of being IGNORED?

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They should also fix all the other bugs with mages. All of these things were reported in beta afaik and they still haven’t been fixed.

  • Mirror Images keep threat from previous pull if you wipe
  • Creating a new mana gem does not use mana until next spell cast
  • Arcane Stability talent does not work with Missile Barrage procs
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As a small note* Petattack macro does NOT work

If any other class had a such a Critical ability not working blizzard/ccp would be right on it but as has been obvious for many years blizzard/ccp’s complete HATE for the mage class is again causing me to stop playing and FORCING a charge-back to recover my funds. I hope the loss of and return to me of my 3 month subscription fees PLUS a $35 fee charged by your payment processor for charge-backs helps you understand what your JOB is and what’s expected of you.

I mean I wouldnt say ANY other class. Resto druids have been putting bug reports and posting on forums since prepatch that our top resto tree talent is not working as intended and severely hurting our ability to heal especially in raids.

I really hope Blizz fixes your broken stuff. :frowning:

So this thread is the most close to what I’m experiencing with my mirror images. But instead of not attacking they straight up disappear literally after I cast (no aoe damage done to them) they show up and disappear before they even fully load in. Also recently I’ve noticed my mana pool gets empty right away for some reason. Anyone else? I’ve suited a report but no response yet.

This is what I was looking for to see if anyone else was experiencing this. On my fire mage that I am currently leveling I will cast Mirror Image and they disappear after I cast it. I did not have this issue on my main who is a frost mage. It’s a bit frustrating.