Mind Sear Ghost Party

Whoever decided it was an innovative idea to remove mind sear obviously hates fun and should be fired immediately. I miss mind sear ghost party. It feels like they decided for us that psychic link was more fun, do they even play the dang game? Guess not.


You will do single target on every pull type and you will like it!

-Blizzard probably


You can thank all the priests who were here clamoring for a rework in 10.0 instead of buffs. The buffs came and people enjoyed it, but it was too late. They were too loud. Painfully loud.

Now a couple things needed fixed, mind spike vs. mind flay for example and shadow crash needed help. No one cared though they wanted a full rework.

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We needed a larger rework.

There was so much wrong with our tree beyond the AoE problem. Are we forgetting that like 15-20% of Shadow’s tree were not damage increases, but random utility things/defensives? The amount of talents that all centered themselves around channeling to keep your damage up? How bottom heavy the tree was? How we had a bunch of talents just seemingly randomly placed and gated by other talents that had nothing to do with them? (Crash being particularly guilty of this) Our Idols not even being synergystic with the talents before them? (Yogg was on the far right and none of the shadowy apparition stuff was anywhere near that side).

That aside:

Mind Sear always required DoT spreading, even when SN was a thing and in the initial patch of DF. You still wanted to spread your VE as much as you could because SP mastery is a huge damage loss even at high target count. We STILL lost significant damage for missing a crash.

Searing Nightmare was generally reviled by a huge amount of people because it was an extremely boring 2 button rotation (the same reason people were mad at primal wrath) and also wasn’t really doing enough to justify losing so much ST because of it. This really wasn’t fixed when we were heading towards DF.

Mind Sear itself felt very, very clunky if you were trying to not overcap insanity and ever hit the button early, because it took so much insanity on initial cast. Also, our entire damage rotation was heavy on RNG because our damage was so heavily affected by Mind Devourer procs. You could high roll and just spam it for huge damage sometimes. Other times? Not so much.

It’s OK to have liked Mind Sear, and to want it back. But we should be honest about why it’s gone. Not paint everyone that was asking for reworks to a spec that was terrible as dumb or whiny. Even when spriest was getting taken in late 10.0.5 and had a ton of damage its rotation was extremely boring, IMO.

Such a terrible excuse. People who were asking for a rework laid out exactly what were the issues and Blizz ignored all of it.

Blizz, not those “clamoring for a rework,” are why we don’t have Mind Sear today. There were countless posts identifying that the Mind Flay/ Mind Spike overlap, Mindgames, and Halo/ Divine Star were the issues with button bloat, and Blizz thought “yeah, we think their only active AoE button is the problem. Let’s take that away and add Insanity gain to Halo and Divine Star.”

Enough with the brown nose excuses and place the blame where it really lies. Complete incompetence on their part.


Ultimately sure, but I guess you missed the large amount of people on the forums demanding mind sear go away or be reverted back to its prior design. It was rampant.

Tbt they always manage to ruin sp and make it so bad and trash tier, I feel like they always start and give up really fast.

So we remain with a crap spec being closed to unplayable (atleast in pvp), I heard a long time ago that apparently after bc they wanted to remove shadow and I guess that’s why they don’t bother put the same work on this spec than anything else.

As i said in many other posts, the shadow rework was worthless.

They just needed to:

1: Make a choice node between link and sear, mutually exclusive, you cannot take both, your aoe is either link, or it’s sear. To balance, sear would be slightly higher aoe when mobs are aggregated, but link would allow you to easily multidot, and sear ticks should also increase the duration of your dots on the targets. Which means both have their place, and it would actually be an interesting choice, and you may take one or the other depending on the situation.
2: Improve some talent connections, and improve some talents especially the capstones
3: Crash at 20 seconds with maybe 2 charges
4: Consider removing mindgames, or mindgames is a proc that makes your next mind blast have the same effect as mind games+extra damage and insanity.

And that’s about all. If they did that, for me s priest would have been really fun.

If i had to choose, s1 was more fun than after the rework.

Revert the rework, and instead fix what i mentioned.

Shadow crash is boring af…I mean it looks okay, but I would rather it just be an easy way to apply lots of dots to a pack of adds…then go back to mind searing. Mind sear was interesting to watch and use <3

Hot take: Shadow Crash is clunky garbage that’s anathema to how subtle and instant the rest of Shadow’s spell aesthetic is supposed to be, and it should be taken behind the farm and shot. No, the fact big blubbery Faceless Ones in Ahn’kahet back in Wrath flung purple boogers at people does not make it “Shadow Priest class fantasy”.

Gimme back Mind Sear.

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shadow crash cap at 8 sucks period

shadow is at its most fun when you can’t see the target or most of the raid even because of all the tiny yellow numbers and your game and the games of everyone in your raid is running slower because every target in the pull has a convention line of ghosts waiting to shake hands with them.

Losing mind sear was a move away from my preferred direction of shadow.