Mind games help

So when and who should I use mg on in 3s? Always heals or hybrids? Or is it sometimes okay to use it on a war for example?

Im under the impression it’s always kill target - both parts of mind games are the same. So the upfront damage is guaranteed, anything extra is a bonus/global a healer has to dispel :hugs::face_with_hand_over_mouth: but im just learning also

Mind games always on kill target

You can put it on the healer if you think you’ll get mileage out them trying to heal the kill target (which could also be them).

It’s pretty handy on a hybrid kill target because they all have panic heals. Enhance shaman and Ret Paladin can really wreck themselves.

You can deny frenzied regen from a druid in bear, or disperse heal on a spriests or ice block heal on a mage.

You can also use it if you/mate are getting trained and you just need to stop the damage. Put it on the DPS and they will heal you/mate.

So it has a bunch of uses. The best IMO are when you get a healer/hybrid in a bad spot where they have to heal and then you wreck ‘em with it.

Kill target pretty much always.
Only exception is if your awareness is insane and healer’s coming out of CC and you know they somehow have no dispel for several seconds and would be cornered into DPSing their own target. Even then, the advantage of this is small relative to just casting it on the kill target.

TLDR; cast it on kill target and you’ll pretty much never be wrong.

Generally almost always kill target, if something is full hotted it can be worth putting on an Rdruid out of cc and stunning him though

Mind games on block? Might have to try that :crazy_face::crazy_face:


reasonably high rated priest here.
mindgames doesn’t do enough damage to be worth it on kill target unless you’re playing rmp and the other two are in cc that breaks on dmg anyway.
the threat of it is bigger than the execution often, so you want to:

  1. fake cast it before (or early in) your actual go to get kicks and stops out of the way first.
  2. during the go use it on the hybrid who can heal. most of the time you will get more benefit that way
  3. cast it on the healer just as he comes out of cc, or really whenever he is casting something. Let’s say you run more haste than the healer, or he’s casting a heal that takes longer than 1.5 sec (a lot of healer abilities are like this) or is spam casting. If you cast mindgames and keep fake casting it on the healer, he has to stop casting and that puts a lot of pressure on them.

Also add randomness to your play. Sometimes randomly cast it on healer, sometimes on dps. If they don’t know who you’re casting it on when you’re casting it you can get a lot of value from them making mistakes. Also make sure to not tie who you’re casting it on to who you’re targeting at the time.


As a healer if the enemy team does a go and MG one of my dps I dont even dispel it. Its not scary, its actually relieving to see it on my teammates.

However if they do a go and MG me,. im forced to use a global dispelling myself and pray I dont get stunned or something with hots ticking on my partner.

So as a healer its always a problem if its cast on me, and never a problem if casted on my teammate.

What comp do you normally play? If you play jungle, use it immediately on the non-war dps after freezing trap on heals. This wrecks turbo enhance shamans as they can’t heal to defend themselves.

always on kill target, and follow it with a sw:d since mindgames is a pretty nice nuke(for healers)