Midsummer Fires - not reset

Well … it’s visible now, but …

While you’re at it, can you get a head start on Brewfest and Hallow’s End? I’ve got a sneaking suspicion those are gonna be broken - again - this year, too.


Truly appreciate the reply Kaivax!

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Any estimated time frame for the fix?

So that’s why i can only honor/desecrate less than half of Outland. Hope they will fix it soon

Yes. We’re currently testing a fix that will require realm restarts. We prefer to do “off-peak” restarts whenever possible, so that’s usually early-morning hours in each region.


Usually items that have a lot of different variables and only appear for a short period of time have weird errors.

Again, probably why this same problem occured in tbc/wrath before getting a fix in 2009.

Thanks for fixing this.

Thanks for the update Kaivax!

basic campfire has eliminated the competition. you might even say…it’s on fire!


Same. One of my alts is a warrior that I did all the fires in Classic Vanilla, and hopping on that character to do them again resulted in not being able to do any Summer Fire quests that the character had done in 2019 or 2020… which ever year in vanilla I did them on that char

Is it fixed for you? Because it’s not fixed on my server.

not yet fixed for me either.

No fix here on Myz yet. :^(

Yeah it doesn’t look patched yet. It mentions going live jun 22 but doesn’t look like it.

i was able to do the outlands ones again but Eastern Kingdom and Kalimdor are not avaliable

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Any updates on this? “Early morning hours” has come and gone now.

Battle.net client shows rolling restarted tomorrow. I’d assume its to fix the summer event.

Come on, dudes. This has happened repeatedly. Do better.

Guarantee they’ll come out broken. It’s just par for the course at this point.

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Great, that’s smack bang in the middle of guild’s main raid. So broken summer event and interrupted SWP progression. Good soup.