Method officially got Jaina world first

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Uh-oh, sounds like Mr. Grumpy-Pants has a case of the sour grapes!


Wake me up when you guys let us actually kill an Alliance hero


This is nice and all, but we all know the true race will begin when the third wing comes out for LFR

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Josh’s clipped reaction was a little unnecessary. The thing with their strat is that everything had to align perfectly for it to work.

It’s no surprise they won but still feel the attitude with some people is really something 12 year olds behave like.


Neat! /10char


Congrats to the Method folks and the EU region for taking another World First! It was a great race and I’m proud of the participation from all of the guilds! The hard work and dedication that these guilds and players put in to play at this level is incredible. I don’t think we’ve ever had so many guilds working on the last boss simultaneously, over 30+ across all the regions!

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I’m not saying so that Limit or Method or anyone else gets a leg up. I just would like to see all of the competitors feel like they’re on the same level, so there’s no asterisk next to their win.

And yes, there needs to be something done about the Alliance/Horde imbalance at high level play. I think the conclusion of BfA will lead into that with mixed faction raiding.

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We can dream…

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In the end both Method and Limit have to realize that they have been playing BFA the entire time and because of that, nobody wins.

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FYI that is a thing.

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It’s also a convenient excuse

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Not really… like this was a surprise to anyone? Really? Like Limited even had a chance? Look at the " office " that Method plays in. Everything state of the art. I would be happy with the chair a camera man sits in. These kids are babied too, given everything. We all know they tested the damn fight(s) to start with.
No one has the chance to get " World 1st " against these guys… I mean… come on… they have a super set up, it is a TV production studio.
So it is done… moving on.
Grats to the hard working guilds that work a 40 hour work week in real life that are up there with 6, 7, 8 mythic kills…
Now those are my true WOW heroes!
All that said…
GINGI is my favorite player on Method… go hunters!


When over 80% of the top 100 raiding guilds are on one of two factions you’d think Blizz would try to address it.


I had fun watching the race (well as much as I could).

I hope that more guilds stream progress next time!

Cheers to Method for a great victory.


lol welllll technically they did sort of because you are forced to fight Jaina as Horde


Ya, no. Did that comment actually seem funny in your head?


Hey look people were raging that Horde racials gave the massive advantage so Blizzard devs decided to fix it I guess?


Its not fixed, genius


Sort of is if for the rest of raids in WoW they just have you turn into Horde for reasons. Alliance gets to stay where they are and get all the Horde racials!

I call that a win/win

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Method won the race (as usual) but Limit made it interesting imho.