Merging servers won't happen

For the same reason they didn’t in retail.

Player names.

So unless you’re now ok with adding crz to Classic, merging won’t happen.


Yup… I’ve been saying this all along. Not just for names either but this is the best argument I’ve heard yet.

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Also money.


They did merge servers on retail. They dealt with names by putting the original server hyphenated after the player name in the same way that you see other players’ names from different servers in a battleground. The server on retail that this character is in is a merged server (Malygos/Icecrown) so I have no idea what you are actually talking about with this post.



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There isn’t any evidence that merging servers would reduce player attrition rates.

Even thou it’s one of the best ways at fixing thiings, this is true it’s not gonna happen. Blizzard is against making smart decisions.


Business decisions over smart ones? Make money or make players happy and merge servers.

But wait merging servers wouldn’t make players happy so why exactly shouldn’t they hold out for the money? Player pays for a transfer then says fu and quits guess what blizz still got richer.

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I know myself, and others who have unsubbed due to server population issues, have said they would return if there was a solution implemented that does not come at the expense of the player.

It doesn’t stop someone from leaving, but it would increase the number of those who would return.


you obviously have not looked at the state of the game and blizz sub numbers

There are workarounds for this. BattleNet names are one implementation.

However, what they have done with Classic Era, is create server clusters.

Does that suggest that they will do they same for TBC Classic? :woman_shrugging:

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I dont care about blizzards finances or if other people are unsubbing. The game has been around for 17 years subs have gone up and down I’m sure lots of times over those 17 years.

The state of the game for me is fine. I’m having fun raiding on my alliance chars and enjoying the windseeker community.

I understand pvp realms are in a bad state but as I said in a previous post about pvp servers. It is not blizzards fault that one faction horde or alliance are flocking to a specific pvp server to create a mega server for that faction. The players are making the choice to pay for transfers on there own.

For other pve realms well the same situation is most likely happening since pagle and mankrik are the mega servers for pve.

People are allowed to unsub. They are allowed to complain but your statement was smart choices. Isn’t the smart choice in business to make as much money as possible?

It wasn’t until Nov 2017 swtor merged servers together. 5 years after release and probably 2 years after the subs started to fall.




Yea, that is called crz.

You don’t care about blizzards finances or if people are unsubbing? If you are gonna make an argument you might not want to be hypocritical. You literally said this the post beforehand…

Okay so u point out my early response to your first post and try to use it to make me sound hypocritical by trying to make it my response to your second post.

Both my statements stand.

So tired of this stance.

Blizzard has the ability to manage servers. They own the servers, and the service. Their lack of oversight is their fault. You cannot blame players for using a system that is available to them. You can only blame the service provider for doing a very poor job of managing said service.

Like, who owns and reviews the metadata on server population? We only have a part of the picture when using external tools. Blizzard has all the data internally. Their choice not to use that data to manage server populations is 100% their fault.


They’re not going to merge servers because of all the transfer money that they make. There’s just no other explanation for why they’d allow servers with less than 200 people to exist. Incendius has 1 mega guild…and that “mega” guild doesn’t have enough people to field 2 teams.

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merging will likely be post tbc when wrath drops. Wrath will be the peak of wow with some people staying in tbc.

So what would you do? Honest question, because outside of “Not letting people play when they want to play” or “Forcing people to stay in a situation they are literally willing to pay to escape and would likely quit otherwise” I have not heard many ideas.

Merging servers to get “balance” not possible, horde outnumber alliance on pvp 2:1. Many of the servers the dominant faction is probably perfectly content with the status quo so merging them would tick them off.

Free transfers? is the equivalent of pulling out the life support for those servers, which is perfectly fine by me but not without its consequences. They offered free transfers, almost no one took them because news flash: most players like being on the mega servers.

Transfers were highly demanded by the PLAYERS as a response to PLAYER behavior. I feel like people have selective memory from Phases 1/2 in classic. Transfers were offered because the faction war was decimating server populations and people were mass unsubscribing. Then again, maybe yall enjoyed a 3 hour run to BRD.

“Should’ve” is past tense, its not a solution for going forward and is thus worthless in the context of the current situation. So I look forward to hearing what you think they should do now, and why you think it is going to be a net benefit for most players affected. Note: Not just what YOU want, why you think a majority of other players will have an improved gameplay experience for what they want.

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