Merge with Skyfury

Incoming in the future


Angerforge as a fresh server, it is only right if it merges with skyfury the only other fresh server. It needs to happen fast because the server is dieing fast

i wish cause this server dont have many people
sad :frowning:
hard to find group even with group finder

Skyfury 13,621 level 80’s in the last 7 days, angerforge 1900 level 80’s in the last 7 days. according to wowclassicpop dot com

Server is absolutely dead.

Should have been a stipulation that angerforge would always allow free transfers back to skyfury once the hype died down and the queue went away. I was one of the first xfers from Skyfury because I didn’t want to sit in a queue for a game I was paying for.

I’ve started groups and pug filled naxx25, os25 2drake, eoe25, and trust me this server is beyond saving. It took me 9 hours off and on spamming LFG and Trade to fill 11 spots for a naxx 25 on a weekend. And this was a guaranteed 15/15 sub 3 hour pug fill run.

Only 8 guilds even logging on wclogs…

I bet ninja looting Betrayer of Humanity week one had something to do with why no one joined your pug. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I don’t want to be on a streamer server with the simp lord attic dweller.

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Hello, Twilight Vanquisher Ethug here!
100% Facts, The Ninja life is rough for people now. #Rip FrankieGG and Cott.
Natural selection at it’s finest, but hey it’s only because the server is dead right?

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I was originally on Skyfury but then I had a friend buy a sub right when skyfury locked. So I was basically forced to transfer to angerforge if I wanted to play with him. Now that the server is losing its pop I think it’s only fair that blizz merges the two for the original idea of having a healthy fresh server. This should be done before transfers/boosts are open in fresh realms

They won’t merge, the system is dysfunctional by design so Blizzard can make money off transfers.

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1391 level 80’s recorded in the last 7 days according to wowclassicpop dot com

dropped by 500 as of 8 days ago.

Dead server

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i think merging with skyfury or atleast opening the option to xfer back to just skyfury alone would make 1000x better. angerforge is dead


I would like to go back to Skyfury for sure even if I had to pay for it, Angerforge is dead people just don’t see it yet.


Yeah nopeeeee please stay