Merge unbalanced low pop realms

Just seeing what people think about merging low pop severs with very unbalanced factions. So Realms with high horde and low ally join a high ally low horde realm with both overall population still low

Im from Thalnos and we maybe get 25 lvl 60 alliance on at once at peak hours. Alliance have about 30-50 items on the AH. Horde seem well populated and are raiding.

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I think it’s a great idea. Merge Skeram 99% horde with heartseeker 96% alliance. The funny thing is… at the start of the game all the alliance scum ran from skeram to heartseeker to flee any kind of actual pvp on a pvp server. So you’d essentially be bringing back these pve superstars to a pvp realm against their will. That’s where the problem lies. Otherwise… it’s a fantastic idea.

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As we learned from round 1: this isn’t going to happen. Once a server is open - it’s open.

@Kaivax, seriously, how are we supposed to report OP names that are OBVIOUSLY inappropriate? This is a constant thing. They wanna get noticed. Well they do. If we flag we risk “abusing flags” and I don’t want to flag the post because that’s not the problem. But we’re given no system to report toon names, like we could before. Can a Blue seriously weigh in on this? This community is in desperate need of a cleanup.

And no, creating more megaservers is not the solution. They are well over vanilla cap as it is.

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Your definition of actual pvp is flight master and boat camping you skillless scum I would love nothing more than for our servers to merge so I could give you some 15 min corpse walks.

My realm is fine. Nothing needs to be done to it. It is a nice, healthy medium population server where everyone has a good time. I don’t want to be merged with anyone. If you have issues on your realm, the solution is to transfer, not screw up other realms.

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Same. There are a lot of ways something like this could be implemented though, and I think it’d be ideal to do so in a way that would displace the fewest people, so some sort of opt-in merge/transfer type thing.

thanks for your inputs. I was just curious because a lot of topics around unbalanced realms especially the ones with less then vanilla cap population (ones around 1-2k population).

I do have the choice to transfer (once my 3 month CD is over) which is prob my only choice if i want to raid.

Otherwise if your on Thalnos Horde, Ill be hanging out with you guys in Org… ganking and dueling and dancing on the bank.


Why would Blizzard balance servers if the players wanted them imbalanced in the first place?

maybe some do. i enjoy being an underdog.

I dont have proof if these low pop unbalanced servers started that way (I used the free transfer to Thalnos), but from what it sounds it was the players who left the server where unhappy about the server because of unbalance/wpvp.

so yes players created the problem, but its got so bad that some servers have factions that cannot even raid even, not once in over a month has there been even 30 lvl 60 ally players on at once. the AH has 30 items for sale…its to the point we have to transfer to raid and make the realm even more unplayble for alliance.

But im having fun im not a big raider. im a druid so i got all my gear in 2 raids. But i love wpvp so its fun being the only exotic Alliance player 1v3 the horde outside Org.

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There are no low pop realms at this time. Nothing to merge.

so 30 total items on the AH isnt low population?

If you call 1000000000 horde vs 1 Ally pvp.
Cowards. It is easy to enjoy pvp when all the odds are with you.

IF you guys did that, then blizzard would have to lock that thing down like a prison to keep people on the server. Those servers are the way they are because of the people on them, if you left the things open to transfer they would scatter like roaches and ruin other servers.

Merging the servers while ideal is not what those players overall actually want, they like imbalanced servers because they don’t really want a PVP server.