Mercenary Mode

Outside of a RP / Lore perspective, is there any reason Mercenary Mode wouldn’t work in Classic WoW? Personally, I would rather have a faster que, and sometimes play on the Alliance side, then have 1-2h ques

it wsnt in vanilla.


Sure and then we can implement merc racial mode where alliance can fight with horde racials.


Blizz will definitely learn from their past mistakes with Vanilla and will find ways to encourage/force faction balance in TBC.

I think Blizz has realised with Classic that the players of today are much different than the players of the past.


Besides the obvious “no changes” spiel, yes there is a very good reason. On the vast majority of servers horde enjoy a large numbers advantage in world pvp. It would be incredibly unfair to allow them this advantage, and also remove the only disadvantage of outnumbering the enemy.


Thats cool you wouldn’t mind but I would. You want to play along side me while also keeping your advantage? I’m gonna pass unless we get Merc mode racials.

This should be a heads up now if you are interested in BG’s in TBC, you should consider switching or your queues will be much longer.

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let’s also just give paladins rebuke now, ya know what? Why not give mages timewarp now, outside of a lore/rp perspective would there be any reason not to give it to them now?


All three Battlegrounds have actual story behind them. The Alliance is not going to fight for the Horde’s right to lumber Ashenvale, nor is the Horde going to fight to help the Alliance wipe out the Frostwolves or drive them out of their home.

Which I’m guessing you realize, since you said “Outside of an RP / Lore perspective,” but…you apparently do not, but should, realize that preemptively waving away “it wouldn’t make any sense” doesn’t change it.

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I mean I’ll fight with an Orc if I can have their racials too. Until then buff hunters please.

i bet replacing perception with EMFH would fix balance…

And then we can do merc world pvp mode, where horde can camp each other in BRM/DM/random FP X.

Merc mode in retail makes you queue into the BG as an Alliance model with their racials. It’s a purely gameplay mechanic that pushes players into the other faction to lessen BG queues. It would likely just work the same way that Orb of Deception works.

Of course the biggest issue with Classic is shamans which, even if you wanted to seriously consider merc mode, makes this discussion a bit more of a dead on arrival topic because there’s no good way to get around that issue besides they just don’t get to queue as mercs.

and that is when Graal thought of something…what would a sandbox MMO look like? where there are no factions and players decide their friends and foes, “friendly” fire is on, and the guild-imposed social hierarchy rules?

Mercenary mode in Classic is when you create a new character on the opposite faction.



Thats a true dreamer

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They’ve tried in many exapcs to level it out. They’ve failed every time. In BFA they couldn’t even bribe alliance to pvp. Despite the hall of fame the alliance raid scene is dead, so is M+. Somewhere down the road serious players decided horde was the way to go, and it gets worse every expac.

then just reroll alliance
its easier to change yourself than change the world

No thanks, I’m fine with horde queues as they are, no need to change anything to appease a few players that hate Vanilla WoW.

It worked in bfa, but this doesn’t actually solve the root problem of alliance participating in battleground. If you look at the various websites that claim numbers on server population, right or wrong they show one thing clearly and that’s approximate faction balance across the board.

What I’m about to say is only a guess, but an educated guess. The pvp racial abilities are very powerful in classic wow, the horde racials are so much better that it’s not hard to work out who has advantage in a team fight or a 1v1. Players horde of alliance by the numbers on average will be about the same skill level, many will say otherwise but it’s just posturing. The only difference is the racial abilities, and those make the team fights easier for the horde. This turns alliance players off and they stop participating.