Memorial, Sept 7th, 7pm: Gutcrusha-TheScryers [for Horde]

Hi, Argent Dawn and The Scryers community:

As many of you may have heard, we’ve tragically lost of one of our own very recently. Gutcrusha, a treasured friend and a veteran member of this server’s community.

We will be gathering for a few moments tonight to remember Gutcrusha. We will be joined by family members, friends, fellow raiders/guild mates, and more. Anyone wishing to join us is welcomed to do so - both in Thunder Bluff as well as our optional guild discord to listen in (will be shared in-game). We simply ask that you remain respectful.

Event: Memorial Service for Gutcrusha-TheScryers
When: Tuesday, September 7th at 7PM EST
Where: Meeting in Thunder Bluff, just next to the flight point (hop down)

We believe this location will be accessible for even players without active subs and if you need a ‘lift’ or teleport, please just ask. If you have any questions: contact us in-game (Maechariel-ArgentDawn, or Kayil-ArgentDawn, or Tenebras-ArgentDawn). Also welcome to contact me in discord (callae#1394 or B-NET callae#1455).

Thank you,
for Horde & all friends of Gutcrusha