Memorial Ceremony for Long time Player now dead

My father who played this account of toons Recently passed away. I have decided to give him a memorial Ceremony on his Favorite toon Havenshawk - Duskwood on retail WoW the ceremony is open roleplay type deal as i and a few freinds Honor my dads long 15 years of playing this wonderful game. He will be logged in and put onto a grave stone in Stormwind city in the Graveyard where Day of the dead is typically held. after a short roleplay I and several others will take him on his final trip up to Light’s Hope chapel where he will descend the Stairs of the order hall and buried amongst the Paladins of Traditional WoW lore. I welcome all and anyone to be there on whatever toon you like. Ill be starting the Ceremony at Noon mountain time. on August 1st. May the light be with you brothers and sisters of the Light


I am sorry for you loss. I wish I had seen this earlier. May he rest in the light.