<Mementô> [Friday & Saturday] - [7:30-10pm EST] Mythic Raiding

About Us

We are fundamentally a guild who pride themselves on building a trusting respectful community among one another. We wish for nothing more than to clear content at a pace that is our very best. Our core raiders have experience in past mythic raiding environments as well as cutting edge.


We do not have a long history. We are not method, we have not been a guild since 2007-2010. We are a newly formed guild. What we do have is the know-all, the skill, and the passion and love for the game same as anyone else. If you feel as if you would be an excellent fit to our team, by all means reach out to us.

Our Process

We take the progress and investment of our potential team players very seriously - examining all aspects of your logs and prior experience, not just with current Tier but past tier’s as well - before making a final decision.
We also have an unorthodox trial process as well; We wish to invest our time progressing content both in & out of raiding environments, and always lend a helping hand. Because of this - your trial process will be evaluated on your social ability, and your ability to put yourself out there as a team player. It will by no means be viewed as a construct of time. You could be a trial for a month, two weeks, or 5 days. The choice is up to you.

Upon acceptance

When you are accepted as a full fledged raider, we may ask that you realm transfer to us - but if it isn’t time sensitive, you are welcome to transfer when you feel most comfortable. Beyond that you are expected to be punctual with no more than 2 absences within a month. Failure to live up to this expectation will result in a penalty. After all - you can’t get better, if you don’t show up!

Wrapping up

We encourage you to apply yourselves to our team and bring nothing but your very best. You can reach out to the guild leader with the following information:

  1. Battletag - Pixel#12533
  2. Discord - Siddyy#4918


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bump, still looking for dps classes!


What’s a pirate’s least favourite letter?

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still looking


Sometimes the vibe is just absolutely immaculate.

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still looking, hit us up!

always looking for multi-teams. Hit us up!

3/10 mythic lead with sub 20% experience on xy’mox looking for more to raid on friday and saturday

Re bumping

le bump, always looking for any and all competitive players to push mythic