Melee Hit Bug

If u are using a gear with +%hit and you die, you lose the %hit of the gear, you have to drop the gear and put it again to work again. This bug occur many times with mask of the unforgiven and wyrmhide spaulders. Every death i have to fix it.


I also have the same problem.

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I have the same problem. Have to re-equip mask of the unforgiven, doesn’t seem to affect the devilsaur set bonus though.

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we need a fix asap, this is very bad for the game

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Can you fix this crap already and the auras please. This is a game-breaking bug yet you release hot fixes for frigging fishing. Priorities please.


They’ve explained already why this bug is happening and that they’re currently working on a fix for both this and the aura cap.


where they told it?

In the last paragraph they talk about the hit chance bug.

Still encountering this bug as of 9/27

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I see the issue with Wyrmhide Spaulders not adding hit.

Every time I zone in somewhere or die I get to swap gear around randomly until I’m back up to 10% hit. Good times.

It affects ALL +hit items, and many other buffs/auras.

This is a very nasty bug that Blizzard needs to be putting at the top of their to-do list.


Welp, is Dec and not a single word on it?