Mekgineer's chopper unlearned but not really

I recently wanted wanted to craft a Mekgineer’s chopper for a friend of mine. I gathered all the mats and walked up to an anvil - (I had crafted this item before). I then realized that the recipe was in my “unlearned” section under Northrend engineering.

Confused I set out to buy the pattern again on the off chance that I did unlearn it. I went to Borean Tundra to purchase the recipe and when I moused over it, it said “Already known”. SO I cannot craft Mekgineer’s chopper because it is unlearned but I cannot learn the recipe because I already know it.

Has anyone experienced this or have any steps to resolve this?

I realized I posted this under the wrong toon. This is my main.

A friend of mine is having the same problem so gunna follow

I wonder if your friend has factioned changed on that character? Did they at any point learn the pattern for the mechano-hog?

No, they didn’t, first thing i asked