Mega Servers

You didn’t even read the part you quoted.

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Which is why there is an “and” in my comment. Increasing server size AND layers. Layers are to help with overcrowding in smaller areas. They are needed on mega servers, especially if they increase the cap beyond the shallow amount of 11k.

Not my fault you only took issue with part of my comment and expected me to not address it in whole.

They cannot add any more layers. Maybe you should all go play the game instead of chasing your favorite streamer or dogpiling into the overcrowded servers where there’s too many people and it’s basically just like retail anyway.

I don’t know what to say to someone that is ignorant enough to make the post you did and believe it. I’ve played on private servers that have 2-3 times larger pops than what Classic has. They most definitely can increase the cap.


Depressing how true this is

Yes it was chaotic, and difficult to get basically any in-game objectives done sometimes. But i was very impressed with how stable p.servers ran. Also had lower ping to some of them than I do to blizz ones

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I don’t know what to say to someone who is ignorant enough to make the post you did and believe it, so I’ll just quote an actual Blizzard representative speaking on behalf of industry experts.


In all fairness, a Blue Post specifically addressed these points. They’re not possible.

Edit: It has been linked, right above this post.

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There’s a very easy answer to “how” we should fix this, and I’m surprised more people aren’t saying it. Both FFXIV and Guild Wars allow players to move between servers instantly from the character screen. I’m on ServerA and I find out my coworker is on ServerB? I just transport to his server for the day and hang with him.

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Let’s be honest. The queue times would not exist if you didn’t need a mega-server to reliably find groups. If they added a dungeon finder that paired you with people from other servers, it would solve most of these issues. Instead, we get “community,” and queue times.


“Blizz” in its current form has 0 credibility. Why would you believe what they claim?

They claimed they “lost the code” for wow vanilla and gave this as the reason they wouldn’t make WoW Classic. Check it out for yourself

Probably lied many other times too.

That dude is right about private servers, i have 100 screenshots of insanely busy pservers. Cities are jam packed with players and it is running fine

Old blizz: gave us wow, tbc, wotlk
Modern blizz: gave us body type 2, 6 hour queues, and the incubus


People use “Layers” when speaking about capacity in tandem because its a good way to describe things… EVEN if its not technically correct.

BUT the OP did correctly point out that the server capacity needs to be increased; even if that’s a temporary move on blizzard’s part.

why are you defending Blizzard? I mean, yes it is what it is, but you pointing out that it might not be easy to do, isn’t the same as Blizzard doing nothing.

After all the crap Blizz has been doing the last couple of years, I can’t understand who in that company see’s this as a good thing; and not sure why it’s player base would be okay with it.

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None of what you have said is true, unless you have another explanation for private servers that exists with caps reaching 21k+ per server. As far as layers are concerned, I’m saying that would be needed in conjunction with more server space as this would help with overcrowded areas. Most people know the leadership at Blizzard is full of it on this issue. Hopefully more people stand up and continue to complain until they do something about it.

Retail does this as well.

Classic players tend to not like this type of cross realm functionality though.

Yes they can, and they’ve done it before.

I’m not the one taking issue with your comment.

It was possible before. It remains possible. Blizz is lying to you, and others (including some on the community council) have pointed out the unfounded statements.

Like this one?

Yes they are.


Blizzard knows the parameters of their servers. Do you think it’s appropriate they took everyone’s transfer money despite knowing that if all these people decided to play at once they would far exceed capacity? No they are probably ethically justifiable in doing that….

You probably think the titanic had the right amount of life boats too…

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Yes people choose to play on a mega server. Why is absolutely no one blaming blizzard for selling too many tickets for a limited seat show?

What kind of crazy world do you guys live in where you blame the consumer for the providers abhorrent and predatory business practices?


The flight was overbooked, they offered another flight that wasn’t. People didn’t accept, now they’re stuck waiting in the airport.

They have nobody to blame but themselves.

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