Meet the Earthen, A New Playable Allied Race

Where are my OGRES blizzard???

Im horde, i don’t want dwarves, give me races that make sense to join my faction.

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Soil is more of a dessert for Earthen, you can makes cake, shakes, brownies, donuts, and fudge out of it.

Add some pebble sprinklers on top.


These could have been like Duergar, though Dark Iron Dwarves somewhat fit that niche. Earthen just look…. Meh.

come on everyone knows moss grows on rocks :laughing: :laughing:

Actually there are earthen in Uldar.

These particular Earthen have been secluded on an island.

Hello, everyone! We’ve made a small correction to the quests involved in unlocking the Earthen in game.

We’ve replaced: Construct pottery with Hreka for Hope, An Anomaly
With: Assist Councilward Merrix in returning stability to Dornogal in Bad Business.

One of the devs is a troll definitely…


Their customization options are nicer than I thought they’d be. Their models look better too. That being said, they’re still a 3rd dwarf race.

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Probably going to make a hunter, tame some stone/rock creatures, name them after rock stars and maybe level it, or it will sit there. Not really excited for another dwarf race, would have preferred Saberon, but not the end of the world.

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Man, that sounds awfully familiar about another hated allied race we got in BFA…


Kul Tiran, or Mechagnome?

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At least the Kul Tiran were in the lore…

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From a lore perspective making Earthen playable is fairly significant since they are directly created by the titans. Only through the curse of flesh did they become dwarves.

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There is now a 30% chance im race changing to earthen.
Im actually really enjoying playing one on beta.
They look great.

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I would like to meet the earthen but the beta is really messed up. And I cannot post in the beta section?

So when do Ogres, Broken and Stone Orcs on a secluded island happen?

I wonder who they listen to for race ideas :neutral_face:

Was anyone actually asking for new dwarves?


nobody was excited for these at blizzcon and no ones excited now. well except for dwarf players.


Please tell me that I will be able to mine Earthen corpses :grin:

I remember back in bfa seeing requests frequently enough that I thought they were dumb. Though seeing them now they actually look pretty solid.