Mechanical pets are all cunning?

Blizzard you think you can maybe um, I don’t know give us some more options for Mechanical pets? Ferocity and Tenacity would be some welcome options added to the mix thanks.


A Mechanical pet’s nature is defined by the nature of mechanicals, not the nature of the species it resembles.


They do the same damage as ferocity and tenacity. Just don’t get lust or leech. Cunning is decent for PVP with masters calls, speed boost and damage reduction.

Maybe it would have been better to make mechanical pets exotic so they could have another useful ability. Then again it is nice being able to use them in any spec. Unfortunately for some Blizz crammed them into cunning which isn’t as popular as ferocity these days.

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Mechanicals are one of those pet families that I could imagine being very diverse or op, if families were reverted to being unique/op in their own way and having their own buff, such as quilens having a combat res or Chimaeras having op breath.

Cunning pets are great when dealing with corruption effects and lost areas in horrific visions, I’m loving my dread raven :tipping_hand_woman:t6:

Thank you for the reply’s. Sorry so late getting back, been sick :frowning: You all make some really good points though thank you.

old thread, but i got here in '21, so-
Steelplated Hardshell is a crab that looks all mechanical’ed out. it’s tanacity.

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It’s almost as if we don’t have an ongoing thread on this with 38 responses.

ETA: sigh And it’s also a necro.

I want to know why they took away the option to select the role for the pet; so any pet could be ferocity, tenacity, or cunning. Would solve this problem while also allowing hunters to use the pet they like without being forced to a select few because of the huge dps loss and pet survivability.


I really want my Hunter to use a Robot Pet with Lust. I want my Hunter to be an Engineer with a Robot Pet, but Cunning isn’t something I need.

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Yeah, OP has a point. I get it, skill book. The skill book thing could still be retained and they could still be broken out into families. Put the mechanical gorillas with the regular gorillas, etc.

This would be an improvement. Hands down.