Mechagnomes are actually the worst

Thoughts aside from the fact that Blizzard openly support Communisim - I barely play anymore but I regularly keep up with WoW news and lore because it’s just a habit over the 15 years of playing but I had to make a post for all the poor Alliance players out there. Mechagnomes are literally the worst thing I have ever seen… ever. They are absolutely disgusting. I thought it was bad enough that Lightforged are literally a golden reskin of the original but holy wow Mechagnomes… I’m out of words. Horde get a cool fox and Alliance get a crappier version of the crappiest race that they already don’t want to choose. GG


tbh I never wanted to roll a gnome until I started using the forums and saw how much gnomes triggered horde players and I thought it’d be fun to gank horde as a gnome but this mechagnome garbage I can’t at all get behind. those foxes look fun though.

but their racials are godtier.

Why are you saying this in a Classic discussion?


GG posting about a Retail race in the Classic forum.


dude, I just came home from 12 hours at work. In the morning it was “DM is out too early and Classic is over; gg” now it’s “OMG Choinamen!”

Play the game, dudes. Jesus.


I dont know what this possibly wrong forum… sounds like retail trash


If only you were friend… If only…


Please take that refail garbage back to the dumpster fire it belongs in and get out.

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I actually find them interesting. But the rest of the game is still boring.

Only the best for the alliance. Now shuddup and ride around on your sweet bee mount i’ll never be able to have. <3

Fixed that for you

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UH? you realize what would happen to blizzard in a communist society right? Do you even know what communism is? Activision-blizzard is the exact OPPOSITE of communism LAWL dumb dumb.

Isnt Necroing against the forum TOS?

Not for the Lord Marshal of Necro!

All races run at about the same speed and jump about the same distance. But it feels like Taurans lumber around and that gnomes practically fly through the air when they jump. The game just feels faster if you play a gnome. It’s fun.

They really don’t. It’s just humor.

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At least were not a bunch of furries, our furries can at least hide their shame

Lol are mechagnomes really a thing ???!!!


Well, Classic is an the past…and maybe if he convinces enough of us, we can do something about it before it ever comes to pass.