Mechagnome Customization Requests Thread

I’ll reword it to show that that was meant to be included but I had intended for that to be a part of it. I think I missed the mark there.

Which one?

Thank you!

I could not have done it without the help from my fellow Mechagonians and their allies.

The classes I admit I don’t think will happen, but they were a consistent request (even when I was looking for just Customization options) so I felt compelled to add them here.

I’ll add that.

I’ll take a look at doing that. Probably wont happen for a few days until I get some time to do so. >.< Thank you for the suggestion!

And what we Don’t have the technology for we will develop!


Very good thread. Mechagnomes could definitely use more customization.


No reason? You mean a mechagnome using electricity for offense as a shaman isn’t a reason? :roll_eyes:


This please and facial hair as well!
Also, I’d like some metal face decorations like Lightforged and Nightborne are getting. I don’t want my face to have fully mechanical parts. I’d just like a bit of decoration.


Very good additions. Thank you!

I saw you post in the thread with Linxy in it. I posted this threads link there and hopefully blizzard will see it. It was nice to see another Mechagnome show up.

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My only thought with Mechagnome Druids is it’s basically Beast Wars and that’s cool as heck lets have Mechagnome Druids!!

Anyway I’d love more mechanical stuff! Especially for arms and legs! I tried playing one but I really like to transmog in the game and felt kinda limited not able to transmog my legs and arms. Maybe if there was more mechanical options or something available?

Also I noticed some bugs with some of the mechanical face options, I don’t know if it exists for the male model. Yet if you play a female mechagnome and choose bald hair and one of the mechanical options to make your whole head a chrome dome. Certain head gear will remove the mechanical customizations. Which was a bummer and why I decided to race change to something else.

Limited with legs and arms and my head gear removing some of the robo customizations :frowning:


Glad this thread was bumped. Its a good time for threads like this.

Probably better to bump it in the day time! Here goes!

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How come this post is NOT under my radar? o,O

EDIT: Forgot the negation logic.

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I mentioned it once or twice in the Mechagnome Love Thread.

I think most of us were on vacation at the time though.

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I’m looking forward to leveling this guy once we get the Maw skip in 9.1.5 but I’d be much more excited if I knew we were getting some stuff in the future :smiley:

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Well with luck they’re listening to everyone who posted about it in that thread they were active in. I linked this to Linxy directly pretty early on.

So here’s hoping.

Mechagon Prevails! :gear:

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I’d sooner ask for an actually worthy Allied Race than just trashgnomes.

I know some of you like the cute little people, however this is just more Horde bias and that Alliance can’t have nice things.

Blizzard got lazy, and LF Draenei and Mechagnomes are at the least the two worst offenders.

Actually innovative lore about how Mechagnomes should be would be a nice start.

Post your negativity elsewhere, this is a thread about our customization requests. You may not like mechagnomes, but I do. I also love lightforged, I think they have the prettiest girls in the whole Alliance. I feel fortunate we got both of them. If you mean new lore then yes I agree.



They’re here an they’re not going away. If you personally aren’t interested you do not have to play them.

I rather like our lore so far.

More of it would always be a welcome addition.

Thank you for bumping the thread!


This thread deserves more attention. Or I wish it was also part of the Mechagnome Love Thread OP since it gets more traffic :cry:


I feel like a lot of this will happen eventually, especially the armor I mean they already have the assets. I just hope it doesn’t take 10 years like the worgen model debacle did. Not exactly the same thing, this is way easier so I’d say the chances are good but it could still take until next expansion even.


If I had the ability to speak with the Mechagnome Love Threads owner I would encourage them to take this threads information and put it there.

I agree though this thread needs more attention to ensure Blizzard sees it.

With Luck Blizzard will do a great deal more customizations with the next expansion or even a 9.2.5 patch. Heres hoping.


I would like…
Shaman and biomechanical druids.
Paint jobs, basically unlock the ability to color your metal bits as if they were transmog pieces. They could be like in car or mech battle games where you collect the armor spray dyes. I think blizz should really consider doing this since they can’t transmog gloves, or a bunch of things below the belt. Having a way to dye your armored bits would be really appreciated to match mogs.

The ability to collect more mechanical parts through stuff like professions. Yes engineering should give us access to new cosmetics such as new arms/legs.

A hand cannon customization that changes gnomes casting animations to be like a hand cannon.

Sonething like Barret from ff7r or megaman would be nice.

It would help legitimize some stuff like shamans too since they used a whole bunch of elemental guns in mechagon with the presence of elementals. Gnomes should have access to lightning and lava magics and shoot the magics from hand guns or guns in general! Would be nice if the had a ranged racial where any of them could use guns and converts agi/str/int into each other so casters could choose to use guns for casting animations.

With Zereth Mortis I hope to see some of that first one tech as customization.

I think they should merge the cosmetics from the gnomes to get access to all the cool hairstyles and hair colors they have, and the gnomes get new hair colors hairstyles, choice of racials and mech part replacements.

I hope we get full robot customization like northrend mechagnomes.

Would be nice if they could inspire customization based on Exos form destiny. At least how the eye colors are done and the different head shapes for the full robot look.

For melee would be nice to get like fma or Alita: Battle Angel sort of mechanical arm weapons.

For Zereth Mortis we now have some machine-like life forms that seem very natural so I think if mechagnome druids ever became a thing these would be nice options to base there looks off of First one stuff.

Would be nice if We got the Sombra hairstyle on more races. With the mechagnomes I would like something like her hacking hardware tattoos as well.

Symmetra and Overwatch cast has nice cybernetic parts. Her arm shows there is much diversity and styles they can add to stuff like mechanical arm customization by giving us more options like see through titan tech for example.

The circular piece in Symmetra’s arm could also be use to signify an outland for a standard mechanical sort of gun for unique mechagnome customizations too.

I think if they worked on a way for gun’s to be used as casting animations for races that would be a nice race fantasy. I could see mechagnomes pulling of gun mages sort of things for certain classes. Lord Godfrey from Shadowfang keep already uses guns for his spells and that would just be a nice ingame thing to have.


I was thinking it’d be dope if mechagnomes were druids that their “animal” forms were robotic, so they’re really like transformers with the title of druid. They wouldn’t make a new name/class but if they did it could be like technomancer or something, since it just shares a characteristic of the druid class and not lore wise