MDI Season 1 Global Finals Set for April 23-25!

MDI Season 1 Global Finals Set for April 23-25!

The top teams in the Mythic Dungeon International (MDI) Global Region compete in this weekend’s Cup 4 to secure their spots at the Season 1 Global Finals, April 23 – 25, only on YouTube!

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so april 27th is 9.1 or the week after? This is how it usually goes.

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I literally came to this post wondering the same thing. If season ends April 23-25 then either that week or the one following should be 9.1 right?


thats how it usually goes, hoping its at least on ptr today or tomarrow, really want to see how korthia looks, also likely if its out next month that its another patch where the raid is delayed to timegated questline to give raid more testing although i kinda wish this raid or someday raids will be complete secret till its out, they will not be able to hide whether sylvanas and anduin die in this raid from the dataminers once the raid is tested on ptr it will be on every articles every game site r.i.p.

How do people win MDI btw? Is it the fastest at a set level or the ones to time the highest level?

its about time, not key level.




Yes! More NE teams abusing Shadowmeld to cheese dungeon mechanics – a real show of how the game is played for all those (50) viewers!


Mythic dungeon invi—-exploitation. I don’t recall the last time I saw a run that didn’t involve some kind of exploit. I don’t consider it “clever use of game mechanics” removing all kind of snapping in dungeons will remove half the problems.

You can’t tell me when the world first lich king was done and they all got banned for throwing bombs that, that was an exploit and the fact that mdi teams can snap a whole room of enemies in the necropolis to the ground is not.

Leaves a bad taste in my mouth.


Alright let’s go 100% pick rate Fire Mage and Vengeance Demon Hunters!


Can’t wait to see the same comps on every team doing the same thing :heart_eyes:, oh wait I won’t because me and many many others don’t wanna watch that garbage.


I bet we see Survival Hunters and Demo Warlocks.

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sounds boring

There’s usually an “off-season” period of a couple weeks. My guess for 9.1’s actual release is May 11th if its not delayed.

Does 9.1 include a dungeon system that isn’t pointless esports? I almost died of cringe watching 2 minutes of a caster talk over some dungeon runs when you posted that many hour archive on the app. How could anyone ever want to watch this? Farming 5 man dungeons past the point where you don’t need items from them and can do them so efficiently that there is absolutely no risk or intrigue is the most boring activity that any human could encode into a digital video. It is not any better to play either, you’re not going to make your players love speed running dungeons by making the drop rates so low that they have to do them 65 times each. Just stop, please. I would almost rather see the product retired at this point than see another iteration of esports dungeons, and I genuinely love this franchise.

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At least there is one thing we apparently all agree upon

This ^^^^ 1000 times over!

I’d be 100% capable of ignoring the MDI if two things happened:

  1. Classes weren’t balanced around it
  2. The MetaBois would stop acting like their stupid +3 has to be played the same way
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If you nerf Shadowmeld maybe I will watch it.

Keep pushing this nonsense content Blizzard and you won’t have a player base left.